Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, Halloween is almost over. But I'm sitting here, YEARNING for more trick-or-treaters and I guess I have ADD because I WAS washing dishes and before that I was reading this week's New Yorker (actually reading this week's during...THIS WEEK), and suddenly here I am writing on my blog.

Well anyway, I feel like the stepchild of Halloween right now. We live on this street that is adjacent to this major 'Halloween' street. Like, the kind of 'Halloween' street where the cars get blocked off and it's one big block party. But I'm around the corner. So you know, people are walking PAST my house to GET to where it's really happening. If I'm lucky, anyway. If they park on other side streets then they probably won't walk past my house.

But I thought I'd help the situation by playing scary music out my front window and getting the house all creepy looking, so at least they know to stop by.

Anyway, I just think it's the cutest thing to see these little people in costumes with their parents watching proudly from the sidewalk.

So, as I wait for more trick-or-treaters, I am proud to say that my soreness has FINALLY subsided. As Yes, really, it took until TODAY for me to finally feel like I have normal quads just like everybody else.

I can easily say I learned my lesson. I need to work up to that kind of downhill running. I was seriously sore up through the end of Wednesday, when finally Thursday I started to think I would still be able to run the XC race this Sat.

This Saturday's XC race isn't just ANY cross country race. It's the TAMALPA CHALLENGE! There's this little rivalry that goes on between the Empire Runners (Sonoma County) and the Tamalpa Runners (Marin County). So besides the championship XC race and the season opener which is held here in Santa Rosa, this is pretty much the other biggest XC event for our team. We've got 42 people committed to racing tomorrow, so we should have a strong showing. I can't wait!

Which is essentially why I was horrified as of Wednesday to think I _might_ not be able to run.


Besides that, I've got the little sister turning the big 1-8...should be a fun weekend.

Time to go now, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I was wandering around 24th street today at 4:30 - our little main street in Noe Valley - and all the merchants had candy for the kids.

They were SO cute! And SO excited. TRICK OR TREAT was being shouted at every opportunity. Adorable.

Hope more stop by your house. They don't come to ours because there are TOO many stairs.

I think something big must be going on in the Castro cause helicopters keep going by...that's the report from SF.


Devon said...

when I get back to the bay area, I will come over and we can practice more downhill running, somehow, unbeknowst to me I manage it pretty well for no reason.

And until then.... I totally am there with you about the trick-or-treaters--though in my big well lit house here in ATL I am more worried that they WILL come and then what do I do? Give them jars of Grilled Fennel and Canneli beans? (as you can see I wasn't anticipating being home...) Hope some gracious giggly little children stopped by and relieved your candy stock :) If not, there is always the saturday run/ride crew to pawn it off on.... right? Ignore me, I am in a goofy mood.

Jocelyn said...

are you going to take the little sis to a porn shop? I did that with one of my younger friends when she turned 18. she was so excited cuz we had to show our ID's. mind you this was many years ago. then we saw the huge display of dildos (so many different shapes and sizes and colors!!) and were very scared.

triguyjt said...

our street is THAT street...
though me and the bride usually low-key the whole thing....its fun to see how some houses get into it...
howeverf..last night was work and so the bride went at it alone....

Rainmaker said...

:( Only one kid showed up at my door. Now I have like 92 pieces of candy left. Not good.

Kelly said...

awwww, the tamalpa challenge sounded great! I really wanted to do it!!!!! i hope it went well :)

rocketpants said...

I don't live in a trick -o-treater sort of area...granted I just flew back in last night late so even if there were some, I wasn't there. I actually forgot it was halloween until I saw some guy dressed as a cow on a bike and thought: what in the world is he doing, and then realized it was halloween.

GoBigGreen said...

I coulda kicked myself, I forgot my no evidence of the AWESOME!!!! potatoe/steak/cabernet dinner we had last night. I used rainbow Chard, not kale, but it was sooo pretty..and even better, so tasty! Thanks again.
PS one guest kept asking me "are there beets in here? There is a beet taste...are you sure?" HA! I had to honestly say NO! no beets. But i love beets, so...maybe...

BreeWee said...

ha ha, we never get trick or treaters either!

hey, Sarah, thank you so much for your support, you are one of the coolest and I appreciate you so much for that!

All the best to you!