Monday, October 20, 2008

Another post about the fall season

Everybody's doing it, so I should too, right?

It is an unbelievable time right now. The weather during the day is splendid, and it's still nice and cool at night. The colors are gorgeous and make any trip outside a nice adventure.

While I continue to debate with myself the merits of blogging (Chris's post last week gave me a lot to think about), and ponder taking a break from it, I'll continue posting.

Workout-wise, the weekend was a bust. But then again, my body needed the rest. Last Thursday I took a great run around town that was about 45 minutes and I felt pretty strong. But I also got the "oh crap I need new running shoes NOW" feeling. By the end the balls of my feet were killing me and I had the kind of pain in my legs that is not associated with tired legs but legs that are taking a beating different than what they're used to. I remember when I posted about this feeling earlier this summer and sure enough, by Friday my body just felt a different tired than it usually does. I knew that I could not run any longer in my shoes or I would really risk an injury at this point.

Which leaves swimming and biking.

But Friday evening my friend Kathy was like "hey we're going down to the Russian River Brewing Co after work" and all I could think of was their Defenestration beer, which is a Belgian-style IPA. Mmmmmm. So hoppy. So yummy. Originally I was planning to hit the Friday 7 p.m. masters workout that evening but when faced with this difficult decision I decided life was too short and I made up my mind to visit with friends.

Which was cool because I got to hang with friends, meet new friends, AND BEST OF ALL, as I was paying my bill, ran into an old sorority sister of mine from Cal! AWESOME! Katie and I got to talking and it turns out she works for DeLoach Vineyards as the enologist (aka winemaker person). How cool of a job is that?

I was left with the possibility of working out Sat morning. But I had housecleaning to do since I had some very dear friends from Berkeley as houseguests. And while I was cleaning, might as well do some SERIOUS cleaning, right? I spent the morning cleaning. It was nice.

Then David and Nancy showed up and we packed some sandwiches with David's delicious homemade bread and off we went to the wineries!

First we visited Lynmar...

David peeks out at the vineyards...

Looking out from the barn

Nancy takes a picture

Another shot of the barn in B&W

Sarah and David in the vineyards

Then we went to DeLoach and found Katie working! She gave us a great tour...

Katie and I - so great to see old friends!

So that's pretty much it for now. It was a very fun weekend. Oh, and I got new running shoes - I'm trying ASICS now, wooo!

I had a crazy swim workout tonight. I went to the Airport Club master's workout since the pool where evening workouts normally are is closed this week. Wow. It KICKED MY BUTT!

We did:
300 warmup
10x50 free on 1:00
4x: 200 (on 3:00), 100 (on 1:30) and 50 easy
4x: 6x25 stroke (on 0:30), 150 build by 50s (on 2:15)
50 easy
2x: 100 IM on 1:45, 75 free on 1:15, 50 stroke on 1:00, 25 free on 0:30

That is more swimming in one workout than I can remember. 3950 yards. My arms wanted to FALL OFF! But I loved it and the pace was challenging. I think going there on Mondays and doing my normal morning swims on Wed/Thurs would be good for me.

Now it's time for bed. I'm subbing a spin class tomorrow and it's already VERY late. Hopefully the next post will be a recipe...paired with some of the delicious wine I bought!


Carolina John said...

I find your blog posts interesting and funny, but then I just found you a couple of weeks ago. I could still be proven wrong.

I wrote a couple of posts ago about PBD (Bipolar Posting Disorder) where posts tend to go positive and negative about the chosen topic. Then I wrote one about how much I like being outside in october. So think of blogging as trendy and lovable, and you'll want to keep posting for years!

I really am enjoying your blog. Thanks for being interesting!

Kathleen said...

Writers write. So keep on writing! About anything. Plus I'd be devastated if "took a break." You're one of my must reads and I'm always inspired by what you're up to (cooking, cycling, arguing with the powers that be).

Great photos and a super fun weekend...hanging out with friends feeds our souls.

Vanessa said...

I always consider cleaning house a good work out, especially if its SERIOUS cleaning! Then again, I'm not training for anything and I'm a little lazy!

I hope you don't give it up blogging. Its been so fun to read what you've been up to!

rocketpants said...

Now is the time to take a step back and chill with the friends and enjoy skipping a workout if it means spending more time with them. Sounds like you made some great choices this weekend and had a great time.

Lee said...

Wow! Sounds like a great day. Well, except for the swimming part.