Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stereos that don't work aren't very helpful

Yes, 'duh,' that is true.

But I don't like it when stereos don't work. Especially when I have a spin class to teach.

I STILL feel like screaming, 8 hours later!

I'm just so mad because I had this great playlist for my students.

And, sure enough, all my old friends came to play this morning at the SF YMCA and it was just like the good old days. I was so excited, giving hugs, catching up, and generally just very excited to be seeing my old class.

Jim brought me a special treat like he always did (he would always bring me some fruit he had picked up from the farmer's market, or a Luna bar, or some delicious dates), but this time it was a REALLY special treat - a bran muffin from ARIZMENDI!

(as a side note my friends, this is no ordinary bran muffin from NO ordinary bakery. No. Arizmendi was opened by people who came from the Cheeseboard in Berkeley. Which is, in my opinion, one of the most fantastic bakeries in the whole entire WORLD. Scones that put anything from Peet's or Starbucks to complete and utter shame, delicious bread, muffins that are soft and oozing with flavor...I mean, I'm taking a whole paragraph to wax poetically about this place, it's THAT good. And it lists in the top 4 things I miss about Berkeley/SF. So yes, I was absolutely thrilled about this.)

So, right about 6:20 a.m. (class begins at 6:30 a.m.) I plug in the old iPod and turn on the stereo and hit play.


Hm, everything is on...well...

I began to push buttons frantically, turn knobs all the way up, flip switches. Still no sound. 6:30 a.m. approaches. I'm trying to think quickly at what else it could be. I opened up the back of the box where wires and things are plugged in. Everything looks okay at first glance. DAMMIT.

Class has begun, my students are warming up, HERE WE GO!

Finally the guys from the front desk brought in a boom box for me. I threw in a CD that was sitting around and hoped for the best. That was all I could do. So, we went with it and I finished. Later it was determined that the stereo plugs were loose? But I opened up the back and pushed them in! I don't get it!!! GRRRRRRRR!! SO FRUSTRATING!

It was still a good workout, but it just wasn't the same. It throws me off a bit when I don't know what song is coming next. On the other hand, I'm sure builds character somehow, right?

I guess I have to just go back and do it again.


Kathleen said...

First of all, awesome design updates to your blog...lovely!

Secondly, totally love Arizmendi...have you tasted their fabulous pizza slices? Heaven.

Thirdly, that totally sucks about the stereo...I'm disappointed in the Y folks...their equipment should work.

I'm sure you handled it with your usual style and grace though :-)

rocketpants said... never is how we want it to be. It's an adventure that next time I am sure you will be able to fly through. I'm sure lessons were learned on how to deal with not knowing the next best thing.

Mel said...

WOW I love the new LOOK..very neatly done:)
Sarah you don't need a could have sang songs....I am sure you could sing like you cook:)

Rainmaker said...

Sounds like it's time for a new stereo. :)

We in Rainmaker land call that an excuse for buying a new toy - aka new gadget. And with one of those little iPod stereo systems you can almost find yourself an excuse to buy two new toys - the ipod itself and then the attachment boombox. :)

triguyjt said... rolled with it....way to go....sorry you had to go through that frustration...

love your new blog look.

and yes, I wrote the date of cc cy young too fast.... he was 07 cy young... your boy might win it....lot of people are saying maybe brandon webb could win it....

felt bad for cc tonight...he got rocked

Maggs said...

That must have been frustrating. but it looks like you made it through.

You new blog look looks great.

Lee said...

Ok, I know I am late to the party, but what is up with you and spin classes lately??? Here's a recap. 1) You go too long with your supervisor in the room. 2) You forget you are subbing for a class. 3) The stereo doesn't work. Maybe the the mechanical, techno-funk gods are trying to tell you something.

TawnyJean said...

Ooh - lemme know the next time you teach at the SF Y - embarcadero, right? I would brave a spin calss , if you were teaching!