Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to do?

So I'm down to two choices:

1) I can go join the Empire Runners at Howarth Park on this GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL DAY and go do an awesome 7 mile trail run (with 4 miles at a hard pace), then shower and join the team meeting and have pizza and beer (yum).


2) I can join the master's group at the Airport Club (pool is outside, so I'd still be enjoying the nice evening) and get what will likely be a kick-my-@$$ workout in. I'd feel bad about missing a run so I'd probably try to squeeze in a quick treadmill workout in afterward for like 20 minutes and then rush to try to make the running team meeting (and have pizza and beer).


The problem is that I feel guilty either way. I am trying to seriously get more running in and I seem to come up short every week. If I do this and then I get another run/hike in on Saturday, I will feel awesome about my running miles this week.

But I will feel bad because I only got Monday's swim workout in and...maybe I will be able to squeeze a workout in tomorrow evening? So that will only be two days of swimming for the week. I might be able to get some pool time in on Sunday, also. That would be 3 days. That's my goal.

I felt so encouraged on Monday when I was actually MAKING the intervals that she set out. I thought "okay, this is good. Need to do more of this."

I just don't know how to balance all of this in the off-season. I want to do more if it. Of all of it. So I can improve. In all 3 sports. And do yoga 2x/week.

Oh but did I mention I don't want to train more than 10 hours/week in the off season so that I can take a mental break?

Yeah I know, this is stupid.

Oh and the bike part is no problem. I teach spin on Mon/Fri and have at least one ride over the weekend. That's built in. The problem lies in that I really enjoy training with my masters swim team but their practices are SO DAMN EARLY!

Anyway, I also had a THIRD option, which was to celebrate my friend Alice's birthday in the City at this really cool-sounding Belgian Ale place (and I am SOOO developing a desire for Belgian ales). But I also have to teach spin tomorrow morning and really need to go to the team meeting so going all the way down to the City for a couple hours to drink (and then an hour back home) doesn't really work too well.

So, what to do?

Still to be determined...


Chris Westall said...

I vote for Belgian Ale!!!!

And don't feel bad about taking time off or not getting it all in... it's the off season. The Pre-Season doesn't really start until November anyway.

Drink up!

Kathleen said...

Wow, halfway through this post I'm all "wait, am I reading Sarah or Courtenay? This sounds more like a Courtenay kind of day." But no, it's you and my goodness you are fearless when it comes to training! Hope you came to the city cause it's glorious warm here and the stars are all sparkly.

triguyjt said...

do the ale thingy!!!

rr said...

Too many choices!! Just go swimming with Andy P. ;)