Monday, October 01, 2007

Post-season thoughts

Now that the endorphins have died down, I’ve had some time to reflect on this race and the year.

Overall, I made some really significant gains. My swim times improved as a result of my hard work on my form. My running has REALLY improved and I credit this to finally getting orthotics. Once I had them for my shoes, I was really able to start putting more distance runs into my training without worrying about injury. I’d like to get my half marathon time down to 1:45 if I can. I’m still on cloud 12 for the fact that I finished the run in 1:50 and paced 8:25/mile.

And then there’s the bike. I was somewhat disappointed by my bike time at Big Kahuna. I really thought I should’ve gone faster. I will say I felt better when Michellie Jones HERSELF said she found the bike course “challenging.” (On a side note, I asked to shake her hand and I congratulated her on her amazing season. Then I had nothing left to say. She is INCREDIBLE!)

I know that the Labor Day ride was a factor in my slowness. However, there remains a weakness of mine in cycling: hills. I think by the end of the bike course those rollers had really added up! Granted, I’m no slow poke up the hills. But I’m not as fast as I could be and it’s just time for me to spend these winter months getting in some good quality hill repeats.

It’s also going to be a winter full of bike adjustments. I think there’s some fine tuning that needs to happen with the new bike to really get my position optimal for power output.

So now what? I’m going to do a 5K Turkey Trot with my sister in November – she’s just getting started in the running world. Maybe a couple of other 10Ks. I have a couple of century rides this month (Konocti Century & Foxy’s Fall Century – both highly recommended). I’d like to do some cross country skiing this winter to maintain my endurance and strength. More yoga. Shed a few more pounds (in winter – very challenging!).

Next year: The season will start early, with the California 70.3 in March. There are so many things I’d like to do, like my first double century, some bike racing and some Olympic races I’ve never done before. However, my ultimate and main goal is to have a fantastic race at the California 70.3 to qualify for Clearwater; PR at Vineman and race Clearwater in November.

We’ll see what happens!

More Big Kahuna photos

These photos are courtesy of Mike DeAsis, very devoted Lombardi Triathlon Team member and "Tri-Sherpa." He is faithfully there at every race supporting us, handing us nutrition, supplying us with things we forgot, lending us gear and taking fantastic photos. Mike, thank you so much for all your help this season!

I love these photos he took because for once, I ended a race supremely happy and ecstatic and I think the photos really display my excitement. I felt great, but the smile was really from being so happy that I was finishing so strong and in 5:10!

I just can't get over the smile on my face during the finish! I was SO HAPPY!!!

This was one of those "YES!" moments. :)

Me and my Tiki God :)

Me and the other two age-group finishers, one of whom I've connected with post-race. Go Jocelyn (the woman in pink) - she also took 1st in her A.G. at the Santa Cruz Sentinel a couple of weeks later!