Monday, October 01, 2007

More Big Kahuna photos

These photos are courtesy of Mike DeAsis, very devoted Lombardi Triathlon Team member and "Tri-Sherpa." He is faithfully there at every race supporting us, handing us nutrition, supplying us with things we forgot, lending us gear and taking fantastic photos. Mike, thank you so much for all your help this season!

I love these photos he took because for once, I ended a race supremely happy and ecstatic and I think the photos really display my excitement. I felt great, but the smile was really from being so happy that I was finishing so strong and in 5:10!

I just can't get over the smile on my face during the finish! I was SO HAPPY!!!

This was one of those "YES!" moments. :)

Me and my Tiki God :)

Me and the other two age-group finishers, one of whom I've connected with post-race. Go Jocelyn (the woman in pink) - she also took 1st in her A.G. at the Santa Cruz Sentinel a couple of weeks later!

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Jocelyn said...

hey, it's meee!! I've made an appearance on your blog :) congratulations on such a great season, all those mega PR's and your beautiful new bike. let me know if you want to get in some long rides in the off season, I saw you had some centuries on the schedule. take care!!