Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!


And I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad that this day is finally here. Regardless of what happens, I'm just happy that the campaigning can stop, that I will be able to focus again instead of looking at every news site in the country to see what other people see, that I will know if I have to leave the country or not.

Anyway, that was my 80s aerobics costume from Halloween, just FYI.

I don't really have a lot to say. Life is hectic right now.

The XC race was good but I was clearly still recovering from last week and my quads reminded me of it several times during the race. It really hurt. And I kept repeating over, and over, AND OVER, "you can do it. Yes you can. You CAN. YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU CAN. YOU WILL AND YOU CAN AND YOU SOOOOO CAN YES YOU CAN!"

But then I really had to stop for about 2 seconds because I really just couldn't. It hurt so bad. And my HR was skyrocketing higher over the entire course of the race than I ever have, which I'm sure has to do with the fact that I did nothing but hobble around for 5 days.

Still, I loved running in the...mist. What the women's race had was definitely mist compared to what the Men's Open Race had two hours later, which was torrential DOWNPOUR. We had a few little puddles here and there and a bit of mud, but those guys had...well, they had true cross country conditions!

There's one more XC race on 11/23. I'm kind of sad because I've really enjoyed this. I really enjoyed having a reason to run other than just to keep up with it. And NO, I am not going to go find some 1/2 marathon or marathon to pursue now instead. That's next year!

I think maybe now I need to find a few swim meets in Dec and Jan to get me motivated to get back in the pool.

I'm just having such a difficult time fitting it all in without overdoing it because it IS the off-season. I decided to relax a little and it seems that swimming is taking the brunt of it.

In any case, I'm not too worried. I will get back in the pool. Tomorrow, in fact. I AM GETTING MY @$$ OUT OF BED AND MARCHING DOWN TO THE POOL WHETHER IT'S RAINING AND 40 DEGRES OR NOT!


I also really want to applaud Kathleen for coming out to the XC race last Saturday. It was her very first running race and I must say, Kathleen, if you can do an XC run, then you can do any other running race. Those people are HARD CORE! There are no walkers in XC, no joggers - no - it's all RUNNING. HARD. FAST. STRONG.

So you did it. And you were smiling at the end. WAY TO GO, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!

That's all for now, and the next time I write on my blog...we will have a newly elected president.


Anonymous said...

ummm excuse me but were you at the china camp race on saturday? cause if you were and didn't tell me I am sad!!!

Rainmaker said...

I think you should have worn that to the pools today. That would have been spectacular!

triguyjt said...

this was the first election in sometime that I saw others getting excited about having the right to vote...and that is very cool...

god bless this country...
now lets get things right..

ohhh cute outfit!!

Anonymous said...

SUPER cute costume and love the pose! That's the Sarah enthusiasm that got me to come to the race last weekend...even WITH the rain. Thank *you* for being my motivator and for cheering me across the finish line! I had a total blast!!!

rocketpants said...

YEA VOTING!! I heart voting...one of the best things EVER!

Sounds like your race was awesome...even with the painful legs. Mixing it up in the off season is a good way to go.

jameson said...

XC races are the best... and rain only makes them better!

I need new recipe... how about it?

Lee said...

Thanks for the upbeat enthusiasm over voting. I couldn't wait to vote. And while I am very excited for what the new era will bring at the presidential level, I am very disappointed right now with my fellow Californians since it seems that Prop 8 is going to pass.

Mel said...

You are too CUTE.....I LOVE the HOT pink tights...OK I think I would wear them on a regular day not just for a costume...does that make me weird?:)