Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday fun...or freaky...

I've been working on a more 'serious' post (not THAT serious, but some goal-setting type stuff) BUT since I have a ton to do right now that will have to wait and I'll post something, instead.

Why it's good to be scared of spiders:

Wow. Yes, this is seriously a spider preying on a a bird. Apparently it's a Golden Orb Weaver spider and this was taken in Cairns, Australia. (BE CAREFUL, VANESSA!!!!) I guess these spiders normally prey on large insects but this poor bird flew into the web and got caught. Ew.
Read it all here.

Next up: Why it's good to be scared of snakes

This is a python eating a cockatoo. Great. Apparently "the python took about two hours to complete his meal." Mmm. Read it here.

Finally, if you think THAT'S crazy, check THIS OUT:

Apparently, this article describes how the snake realized it was 'biting off more than it can chew' (no really...) and had to regurgitate the upper half of the body. Ew.

Anyway, in case you were thinking that spiders and snakes are actually fun pets, they probably aren't. And I know that all the small spiders I go out of my way to save (I just don't have it in my heart to kill them...I scoop them up and dump them outside where they belong) would probably try to eat me if they were big enough. But they're not, so I decided I don't need to 'defend' myself.

Actually I like looking at bugs. I think they are so cool and interesting and FASCINATING. And the bug world is VICIOUS! I guess it's kind of like a car don't want to look (b/c bugs are kind of creepy) but then you can't help it. So just in case anybody cares, there's a really neat website called What's That Bug? where you can look at all the different bugs around the world in action.

Just saying...


Kelly said...

i had a pet snake; not all snakes can swallow deer.

also, you are NOT allowed to show steve that picture of the spider; he's totally freaking out about spiders in our house right now

Maggs said...

Great idea (you left on my blog). We so need a challenge to see who gains the least weight. I'm weighing in on Monday and will post my weight...I do not plan on gaining a pound the rest of this year. I was originally planning on gaining 10 lbs after Kona and then allow myself 5 more lbs before the end of the year, but I've already gained 15, so now i need to maintain!

Vanessa said...

I have seen the spider picture but not the snake ones. CRAZY! We knew when we moved here that this place has more poisonous spiders and snakes than anywhere. Luckily we haven't seen any snakes yet. Not really a fan of either!

triguyjt said...

holy smoke!!!!

the spider thing was wild....yikes

rocketpants said...

ewww...yuck...that is all I have to say.

Rainmaker said... Out of all of the possible posts I could EVAH think you would post. This one would have never crossed my mind.


Jennifer Harrison said...

OH ICK ICK ICK! HAHA :) That snake pic gave me the willies! :) Jen H.

Holly said...

OMG I am so excited that you'll be in the trail group! We'll get to know each other better. :) Who is Matt, btw? Boyfriend? And thank you for the race schedule advice, I appreciate it a lot.

Maggs said...

Email me...I weighed myself this AM and don't want to get any heavier this year.

maggsmorris at gmail (you know the rest)