Friday, November 28, 2008

More thankfulness

I've been a bit behind on blogging lately. Reading others' blogs and writing my own. I'm in the process of writing another post but had to get this short one in!

Bree posted a fav song (one that I also LOVE!), then Kathleen followed suit and I realized I wanted to post a couple recent favs, too.

But I also just want to take a moment to say thank you to everybody in the blog world for all of the great support throughout the past year. It was so incredible to stumble into this community late last year and I feel like I've made a whole new circle of friends who really get this crazy sport and why we do it.

I appreciate all of you for who you are; for sharing your ups and downs, your challenges and successes, your mistakes and secrets, some of your personal struggles, and some of your daily sources of happiness.

It has become a great source of joy for me to look out into those sea of tri-blogs and read about the different adventures you all partake in. So many different personalities and interests with one common one that has brought us all here. I hope that 2009 affords me more opportunities to meet more of you in person. Until then, keep blogging with the best of them!

Now...onto the goodies:

**Mark your calendar for Dec 7 if you're in the area. It's my birthday and I'm planning on doing a ride followed by a bday lunch at my favorite place in the whole world, Rosso (pizza and wine bar...can life get better?). Route and timeframe to come.

-I watched a movie two nights ago that I think EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SEE. It's called Young at Heart. Seriously...go out and rent this move, THIS WEEKEND. Right now. Watch this trailer, then open a new tab in your browser and put this movie to the top of your Netflix queue. I promise you will be so inspired! I'm still thinking about this movie, two days later. I hope that I will grow old and be this cool. That's all I'm going to say about it.

Some recent tunes I've been hearing and loving:

Tracy Chapman - Sing for You
(Off her latest album. I am LOVING this song...I HEART HER!!!)

Tracy Chapman - The Promise
(Hadn't heard this in years...but fell in love with it all over again)

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

(This is my inspirational song of the moment...)

Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix da Housecat Heavenly Mix)
(GREAT video...unfortunately they won't let me embed, BOO!)

You and I Both - Jason Mraz (yes Bree, I love him too!)


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I too HEART Tracy Chapman...and I cycle RIGHT by her house on my loop ride in Half Moon Bay! You gotta come with! No sightings as yet but I remain ever hopeful!

I've reserved that film and am sampling your music recommendations. LOVE new music.

That version of Sinnerman is my ALL TIME favorite running song!

Soda said...

count me in on the birthday fun!! I am totally there.

Lee said...

I'll admit that I like Tracy Chapman but I am more interested in the lunch ride. Count me in.

Lee said...

I also want to say thanks to you. It was your blog that inspired me to enter the blogging world in the first place and I am having a great time with it so far. Thanks.

rr said...

I love Tracy! She's so wonderful. And I saw young at heart on a plane and loved it.. even my kids did.

Happy early birthday.

triguyjt said...

thanks sarah..

hope your turkey day was great.....
I have been behind on reading other blogs or commenting, but it nice to know that you guys are there and doing you thing...
allthe best sarah....

Laura said...

Hi Sarah. I found you from Greg and occasionally come read, but I don't think I've commented before. Thanks so much for the great music sharing! Love it!!

rocketpants said...

Love the clip for Young at Heart! Will have to rent that...and i LOOOOOVe Tracy chapman...she's always great.

And thanks for sharing all of your fun adventures with the rest of us too! :-)