Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend post is postponed

I really wanted to get home from teaching spinning, stop by Lee's to pick up some persimmons from his tree, settle down to eat some dinner, and write all about my fantastic weekend, complete with cute pics from the Girls on the Run 5K.

But that isn't happening tonight.

I either ate something horribly wrong at lunchtime (I hope) or I'm getting the flu (I hope not).

The worst part is that as I began to feel progressively more nauseous as the afternoon went on, I began to think "hmm...this needs to get better...I'm the SUB for spin this evening...how would I find a sub for the SUB??" I decided I would HTFU and deal.

A few trips to the bathroom and some pepto bismol later, I was feeling acceptable. I warned the spin class that while I am normally quite a high energy person, I wasn't feeling all there this evening so I apologized for my more subdued nature.

First 30 minutes of class were okay. I would try to push it a little and then inevitably had to back off because I could tell my body wasn't having it. Felt a little faint 5 minutes later but was doing alright.

Time for sprints! Normally I like to sprint with my students but I know that wouldn't be smart this eve. So I hopped off the bike and got them ready for the first round.

Then it started.

That feeling in the pit of my stomach. No. Please, no.

One sprint down, next up! I took a deep breath. Really tried hard to push down whatever it was that was starting to come up.

Got through the third sprint and I knew I couldn't hold it off anymore.

Embarassingly, I said to the class "excuse me, I think I'm going to be ill now."

They shouted back "GO, GO, GO!!!"

As I began to run out of the room they yelled "don't take the mic with you!"

[Thanks, guys...I remembered to turn it off...]

After my little puke fest I felt much better, and I returned to lead them in one more sprint, with color back in my face and a genuine smile. Phew.

But that was SO embarrassing. And now, I'm going to take my contacts out, put on my fleece reindeer pants and tuck myself in for a long night of sleep and hope this is just something I ate.

The BP update is good: so far it's been in the 130/80 range for the past few days so I'm quite pleased. Woo!

Tomorrow's post: Weekend recap!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! How horrible. I hope it's just something you ate too and it's gone by morning. Get a good night's sleep!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

It had best be a passing thing that gets the hell out of dodge...I will not have my friend Sarah's Thanksgiving feast imposed upon by a bug. Out out damn bug.

Oh yes, and feel better soon!

rocketpants said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!! i'm so sorry to hear about that! Having to run out of a room to puke is never a good feeling. FEEL BETTER SOON!!

rr said...

Oh no! Feel better fast.. I'm so sorry you're feeling crappy. And that you had to teach spin while puking.. you're a tough cookie.

beth said...

NO! Please say you feel better today! sending healthy vibes your way :)

Rainmaker said...

I would say though that had you left the mic on and they got a recording...it would have made awesome blog material. Just sayin'...