Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 IMPORTANT announcements

1) The Riviera Ride #2 is this Saturday (11/15). If you are local (or even sort of local, like EAST BAY OR SF, or Napa, or in that vicinity), you should come out for this.

It is a monthly group ride that occurs on the 3rd Saturday of the month. I wrote about it last month. Here's the deal:

It starts at 9 a.m. at West County Revolution in Sebastopol with coffee and pastries (get there before 9 for the goodies - ride starts at 9). It will be about a 50-60 mile ride depending on the group you choose to ride with. We all start out at a very easy pace, just chatting and riding and warming the legs up. We will split up about 10-15 miles in and there will be a super fast group (last month had cycling pro Scott Nydam show up and the other guys that rode with him were super fast too - they did about 60 miles and around 22-24 mph) and a moderate group that will do slightly less miles - 45-50 miles and around 18-20 mph.

We will all end up at a restaurant called Riviera in Santa Rosa. $30 buys you lunch (a 3 course lunch!) and covers tax and tip as well.

After lunch, folks will head back to Sebastopol (8 miles away) via the bike path at an easy pace.

Alternatlively, some of us will who live in Santa Rosa will meet at Riviera at 8 a.m. and head out to Sebastopol so that we can just go home after lunch.

If you're interesed, please RSVP to Steve at West County Revolution by emailing him here.

And let me know if you're coming along! We would love to have folks join in the fun!

2) ATTENTION ALL TRI-BLOGGERS (and any other blogger who wants to join in!)!!!

Join Maggs and Sarah for the Winter Weight Challenge! The more who play means the sweeter the prize!

The skinny:

A 10-week challenge beginning on 11/17/08 through 1/26/09 to see who can gain the least amount of weight.

The prize:

Each person who joins in will purchase a $5 gift card to any place of their choice (Starbucks, Jamba Juice, iTunes, Target, etc) and send it to Maggs (who promises to be honest and not spend them, duh). The winner gets the gift cards (or if there are multiple winners cards will be split).

The rules:

Maggs will post each Monday to have all participants report their weight that day via comment. Maggs and Sarah will keep a log of each participant week-by-week. If you LOSE weight and you have two consecutive weeks of being at a lower weight, that will be your new weight to maintain. At the end of 10 weeks, we will see who has gained the least pounds over the 10 week period. If there are ties, we'll split up the awards.

Why do this stupid competition?

Because some of us need a challenge to not gain any more weight in the off season. Some of us are THAT type-A that we need to make it into a competition. Some of us just want incentive. Some of us think it'll be fun.

If you plan on joining in, feel free to comment and let me know. I'll add you to the roster. 10-week blogger challenge, here we come!


Anonymous said...

I'm in but I hope to be in that category that has to change their base weight do to weight loss. I am always up for a competition.

Maggs said...

Yeah! i'm working on getting it posted on my blog too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I so love a challenge. I'm in for the weight thing.

Love that you and Maggs figured this two are the best. But I outweigh all ya'll so no making fun of me.

Can't make the bike ride (mom is in town visiting me and the horse) but next time!

Kelly said...

im just gonna say im not sure the weight competition is a super great idea. stay healthy about it!

PS. I promise i will come for the december ride!!

beth said...

i'm in!!! i love that it's an anti-gain plan....put me on the plan! i love a good competition

D said...

Maggs said that chocolate cake can't be the prize at the end. That, alone, makes me not want to participate. What's the point without the chocolate cake at the end of it all?

Anonymous said...

I am totally all over that! Love it! Just email me the address of where to send the gift card! :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Ok, so when is our date? Did you decide yet?

R, B and I are waiting.......

Carolina John said...

The weight gain challenge sounds really cool. of course, so does the ride. Have fun!

Jocelyn said...

dooood! I am so in on the weight challenge!! and it ends right before I go back to training camp so this will be good...then Coach won't send me back to the U.S....hahaha

sylence said...

Can I join???? I know nobody knows me, but I signed up for the Carlsbad half marathon in January and I so can't gain weight over the holidays....

Chris Westall said...

I'll get in for the weight challenge... but you'll hate me! I gained 5 lbs in Oct (not training) and now that I'm back training again I'm sure to lose weight.

I can see the shower of gift cards already :-)

j.p. patrick said...

I'll have a million calories in Cassoulet left over from my party Saturday'm out!