Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank goodness for the Winter Weight Challenge

I've been having a problem. At work we have a little candy dish (for clients). And lately it's been getting filled up with Halloween candy.

Now, I'm not much of a sweets person so I generally don't have a problem avoiding candy when it's out.

But this is GOOD candy. Like, a mini Heath Bar. Or a mini butterfinger. Tootsie-roll pop. Milk Duds. ALMOND JOY. (my fav)

And they're all MINI so you think "oh, that's not as bad." Making things worse, it's all different - variety. So there's something new all the time.

My temptation has basically crumbled so that I might allow myself one of these delicious sweets after lunch.

Normally not a problem, but if you start doing it every day, that could amount to a problem.

BUT THANKS to the WINTER WEIGHT CHALLENGE, I've got enough of a reason to restore my willpower to its maximum level and simply walk past the candy dish with not so much of a glance.


(that and I think I've already eaten all the good stuff. All that's left are Crunch bars and Mini M&Ms. Sorry M&M lovers, but those M&M's just don't do it for me, THANK GOODNESS)


Devon said...

You guys should use Google 15 to track your progress. It will show your moving average instead of just what your weight happens to be on one singular occasion (since weight fluctuates alot)

Cristi said...

You are so fit these days (+32 lb preggo girl envious of your tiny waist in the halloween pics :) that a few pounds this winter wouldn't hurt a bit!