Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Monday: Time to Weigh In

I seem to get further and further behind in writing about the things I want to write about. I still have yet to post about the Girls on the Run 5K, still have yet to write about our last XC race, and really would like to write about my fabulous ride from Santa Rosa to Napa, along with a report of the ride the day after.

But maybe later I'll do the Reader's Digest Condensed Version and that will have to be that.

Or I should stop having fun weekends so that I won't have anything to write about. Ha, yeah right!

In any case, I just wanted to remind you that if you're playing the Winter Weight Challenge, it's WEEK 3: head over to Maggs's blog and weigh in!

Oh...and I caved. I went back to Facebook. I almost made it a month but then...I just had to go back. IT'S LIKE CRACK!

Honestly, I just missed the interaction I was having with my friends. The coolest thing was that when I went back, my friend Alison had just posted pictures of her and her NEWBORN BABY! I would've totally missed out on that, had I stayed away. And there are more babies to come from some other friends, too. Along with engagement announcements from two friends. Granted, they're not friends I talk with regularly outside of Facebook, but they are old friends that I'm happy to be in touch with. So there.


Anonymous said...

HA!!! I knew it wouldn't be long before you'd be back!! I honestly was not as FB dependent in college as I am today. I wonder why that is?

Kelly said...

why is keeping touch with your friends - in whatever form and whoever they are - a bad thing? the internet is suppose to be a good thing, a tool for bridging large amounts of time/space, so no need to think you caved into something bad.

Sarah said...

Keeping in touch with friends is not a bad thing. I guess I think it's dumb to have people on your 'friends' list whom you never EVER interact with except for that initial friend request. I had one person (my college boyfriend) say he didn't even know I was gone. So wtf is the point if you're not even going to be aware of my existence on the thing? So I deleted about 30 people off my friends list that I barely remembered and never had one single interaction with. That made me feel better about it. I guess I want a certain authenticity there, even if it's on the internet.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Oooh, a reader's digest version...can't wait!

I signed up for FB and haven't been back...but now that you're there again I'll revisit!

D said...

You know I'm adding you to facebook then, right? SUCKER!

rocketpants said...

Yes...looking forward to the condensed version, granted i'm behind on your blog and catching up so maybe it is one of the posts I haven't read yet:-)

Still not a facebooker...granted my sister just joined and now I am feeling pressure to join...donno. I don't really have any time as it is.