Monday, April 03, 2006

Week plan and etc.

Okay, knee-deep in work. Can't write from home because internet at home is down. Going to make this quick.

Last week turned out to be somewhat of a rest week, but that's okay. It worked out perfectly. It just was such a busy week for everything else in my life that working out took a slight backseat, but not too much of one. Just enough for me to feel quite recovered.

Swimming, however, has taken a major backseat and I'm not happy about that. Quite grumpy about it, in fact. SO, I took matters into my own hands and gave myself a KICK-ASS workout yesterday. OMG, it was so awesome. I swam a 1:30 pace, but who cares? I mean, the fact that I maintained a steady 1:30 pace throughout all 3000 yards and still did it in under an hour made me *very* happy. I will say I was entirely exhausted yesterday evening, but damn, it was the best exhaustion. That type of exhaustion where your whole body is just ready to fall into those nice fresh blankets. Where you know that the exact moment your head hits the pillow and you close your eyes, you'll be totally and completely out, no questions asked. The type of exhaustion where it's all you can do to make yourself eat some satisfying soup, drink a sip of wine, do a bit of reading, and say "okay, I'm spent" and all at the same time - you're so happy. My body didn't quite ache - it just was tired. That's the you pushed yourself, but not so hard that your muscles hate you.

Okay, so let's review last week:
Sunday, 3/26: 52 mile bike ride with Lee, avg 150 heartrate, peaked at 175 or so. Felt GREAT.
Monday, 3/27: Ran for about an hour, kept a nice steady pace, kept heartrate around 160-165 - a little sore from this, but the run still felt good. I'm going to need to work in longer runs.
Tuesday, 3/28: Rested
Wednesday, 3/29: Rested but not intentionally. Was going to do 7 p.m. swim but got screwed over by the BART debacle and was stuck in SF, so I had dinner w/my friend Josh instead.
Thursday, 3/30: Tunnel Road -> Grizzly Peak bike ride, done in 1:15 as usual. Felt pretty good, but I still need to work on climbing more.
Friday, 3/31: Again, rested. Had a 6:30 a.m. flight to L.A. and by the time the first day of the conference was over I was just SPENT. I wanted to run but I was *so* tired. So I took a nap and then went out to Santa Monica and walked around. In the rain, of course. Because yes, even L.A. was rainy. F-ing rain!
Saturday, 4/1: Ran for 37.33 minutes, did 4.3 miles. So roughly a 9 minute mile with an avg heartrate of 167. I felt...ready to be done running by the time it was over, but maybe that's b/c it was the streets of L.A. and really nasty weather. It worries me somewhat though that I'm running that slowly with that high of a heart rate. I guess what it's saying is that I need to be running more. Same thing with swimming, really. I've been slightly slower and why? Well, you can't get faster if you don't put the laps in. Running would be the same thing...can't get faster if you don't log the miles.

So, let's talk about this week:

Sunday, 4/2: Swam 3000 yards. Did 500 free warmup, 100 breast warmup, 3x100 kick, 100 IM easy; Main set: 2 x: [ 300 free (4:45 interval); 100 IM (1:45 interval); 200 free (3:10); 100 IM (1:45); 100 free (1:35); 100 IM (1:45); 50 easy ]; 100 cool down = 3000 yards, total time: 57 minutes.

I was actually happy b/c with the freestyle swims, I maintained a 1:30 pace exactly each time. So, while it was slower overall, the fact that I didn't get any slower throughout was good. It felt so good to just swim.

Monday, 4/3: Swam 2200 yards at swim practice. The whole workout was drill work b/c of the upcoming master's championship meet next weekend. Fine with me. It really allowed me to break down my freestyle and work on individual parts of the stroke. I even managed to get one less stroke in on a number of laps. The perfect follow-up to my yard-heavy workout yesterday.

Evening: I think I'm going to do a 30 minute run. If I don't get out of work in time before my dinner plans, then I'll just do some stretching and sit-ups.

Tuesday, 4/4: Spinning from 6:15 a.m. - 7 a.m.; lift weights w/Christine
Evening: 30 minute run before SCAM board meeting

Wednesday 4/5: 6:15 a.m. - 7:15 a.m. - swim workout, 20 minute run to follow

Thursday 4/6: Spinning from 6:15 a.m. - 7 a.m.; lift weights w/Christine
Evening: swim from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Friday, 4/7: 6: 15 a.m. - 7: 15 a.m. - swim workout, 20 minute run to follow

Saturday, 4/8: Bike ride? It's supposed to rain all week. :-P LAMENESS! Might go down to Monterey w/some tri buddies and watch the Sea Otter Classic. I could just use this as a rest day. That would be smart, actually, as I review the week's plans. REST DAY!

Sunday, 4/9: If it's not raining, definitely bike ride. Otherwise, probably do a swim/spin thing.

Great! Let's see what happens to this week...

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