Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quick amendments to the week

Okay, so:

Tuesday didn't go quite as planned, either. Stayed late at work so I didn't have time to run before the SCAM board meeting. Oh well.

This morning: Woke up late. Geez! That's sort of a given, though, considering I'm staying at my friend Kim's because I'm cat-sitting for her this week. New place, not my bed. I woke up wide-awake at 3 a.m. after having crazy-weird dreams. Got a glass of water, went back to sleep. So, I got back to my house around 6:30 a.m. this morning and decided I'd run instead of being late to swim practice.

I ran from my house down Euclid, through campus, down Telegraph to Ashby, up Ashby to College, back to the campus via College, through campus, and back up Euclid. I'm guessing maybe 5 miles total? Hopefully a little more than that? It took me 46.01 from my front door and that includes walking up the stairs back to my front door. I averaged 171 heartrate (GEEZ) and peaked at 190 - I'm sure that was coming up Euclid. Ugh, that hill is a struggle every time. Still, I had fun doing it and smiled the whole way. Yes, I really was smiling. :-) I'm crazy like that. It felt good. Iced my knees and left ankle afterward, and I think that helps a lot - I'm not sore at all...

...from running. Now, if you asked if I'm sore from the lunges Christine and I did yesterday, that's another story. MY BUTT IS SO SORE!!! It hurts to sit down! That's a good sore, though.

So the rest of the week looks like:
-Thursday - spin & lift as planned, prob no evening swim due to plans that came up
-Friday - swim in the a.m. as planned, light 20 minute jog after work
-Saturday - yeah, I guess I'm still taking it off...*sigh*

The problem here is that it never feels like enough. Am I ready for Wildflower? I suppose. But you get into this mode where you feel like you're never practicing enough and you have to keep doing more. I'm slowly heading toward that mode and out of the mode I was in a few weeks ago (which was "you know, I seriously don't care. I'm going to just have fun!"). Anyway, just going to keep logging those miles...

By the way - THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY! Hooray!

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mathgodleo said...

It may not feel like you're doing enough... but reading your blog, it certainly sounds like you're doing enough!