Monday, June 23, 2008

Last weekend's lesson

I've kind of been waiting to see how I stacked up against everybody else on Saturday. Between wanting to get out to see Lee on the Geysers and just feeling so awful, I left pretty quickly after the race was finished.

So hey, I got 4th in my age group. Not bad, I lost 3rd by under a minute. Not bad at all given my condition!

Was it worth it, though?

Ultimately I say NO!

Saturday taught me a very valuable lesson (for me) - when in doubt about your body, just say NO!!! I (along with many other athletes, I am sure) tend to think I'm wussing out if I rest instead of participate. I reason that it's possible the activity I'm intended to do might just make me feel BETTER instead of worse.

However, even the litmus test of swimming (sometimes if I feel a cold coming on, a good 40 min swim often makes me feel better, not worse) on Friday evening had failed. I couldn't make any intervals, my swim buddies were chiding me and asking "hey, isn't Masters swimming supposed to make you FASTER? Maybe you should come back to swimming with us!" and I still had zero energy.

In that, the event was simply no fun. I attempted to take in the beautiful views from the tops of the hills I had to work so hard to climb. I tried to look out to Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo and be so excited to see so far and feel like I was halfway up to the top of the world! But in the end, I just wasn't feeling it.

In a race that isn't going my way for some reason or another, I can still do my best to enjoy some aspect of it, and choose at least one thing to succeed at. But when health is the limiter and every step is a collective effort of the body and mind - it's not a race I should be running.

Next time, I'll be sure to sleep in and get my rest. :)


Rainmaker said...

Bed is more fun than staring at cows staring at you. I agree, stay in bed next time..and then rock it the time after!

Nice job though nearly takin' home hardware - congrats!

rocketpants said...

That is sometimes a hard lesson to take home. Maybe you are actually a little over trained, between really wanting Vineman to be here and spiking temps and feeling lethargic maybe it's a little on the overtraining side of things. Take care of yourself. Taper is coming up close!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Good lesson learned! Sometimes we really need to listen to our bodies instead of doing what we love... but when doing what we love becomes NO FUN because we are tired/exhausted etc etc etc, that's not good either!

Chin up, onwards and upwards!

And BTW, isn't "Diablo" a translation for "Devil". :) Is it safe to climb a Diablo hill? hee hee hee