Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back into the swing of it

I haven't been blogging, I know.

Let's say that between the fact that summer season is in FULL SWING (i.e. events all the time, training is in full effect) and the other fact that really, the last thing I want to do in this awesome weather is to sit at my desk at home, it hasn't left me much time to write.

Then there's the issue of coming back to it. Theoretically, after all the great comments people left from the last post, and the fact that it's been 8 full days - I should have a ton to write about.

And I do...

But it's like this: when I take a long time off from something - we'll say swimming here - it almost becomes the elephant in the corner of the room. I know I have to get back to it. To practicing it. To enjoying it.

But I'm scared! I feel so out of practice! I'll be so slow! My stroke will be crap! Oh, maybe I'll put it off one more day. Really give myself a day to prep for it and start thinking TODAY about stroke mechanics, so that when I jump in the water tomorrow, it will float back to me. Yes, that's the answer. Put it off another day.

And writing my blog has sort of been like that. In the last post I wrote, I wrote about the challenge of getting to a workout when there's other things you'd rather be doing. I felt so expressive and it was nice to write about something that was sort of tri-related but wasn't just about training or a race report.

Then I thought "yes, but this blog is titled "Sarah's Triathlon Adventure." That's what you're SUPPOSED to write about." Right?

Yes, true enough. But I also want to get away from just writing about a great run or ride. Things that could go beyond the scope of training and racing and be mildly interesting to a non-tri reader. Sure, there's cooking, but I'll be honest - I haven't done much of that lately, either.

And THAT is when I began to think about putting writing off another day. I used the excuse "Oh, I don't really have anything interesting to write about." BOLOGNA!!! I have plenty of interesting things to say and write about.

I'm just being lazy and wussy.

So, just like last week, I'm running away from another challenge until I force myself to face it.

As I recognize the trend here, I realize that there is a distinct possibility I'm getting a little burnt out. I JUST WANT VINEMAN TO BE HERE ALREADY. I'm sick of doing the same things. I just want to swim more, bike more and yoga more. Less running (have I mentioned I think I hurt my knee last week?). More adventures in hiking and camping. Less of being chained to the training plan.

Summer is in full swing in Sonoma County and I want to be everywhere at once. I want to be riding through the green vineyards. I want to be kayaking on Spring Lake. I want to be running (climbing, I should say) the trails of Anadel without worrying how sore my legs will be for my bike ride tomorrow. I want to exploit every last ounce of sunshine from 5:45 a.m. until it finally sets at 8:45 p.m.

This might sound like I need some cheese to go with my whine.

I've just come to the realization recently that I really do have athletic ADD. I just get BORED!!! I get sick of doing the same old thing all the time. I want bike tours. Adventure races. Cross country running.

And I think that I've finally come to the conclusion that while I love triathlon with all my heart, I am not meant for long seasons. I need to start planning in the future for shorter seasons that will allow me to enjoy it for every reason I do, and then go off into the sunset to explore other means of exercise and fulfillment. Then I come back to it a year later.

Sounds reasonable enough.

Finally, I will finish with some GREAT AMAZING videos I was sent this evening!!

First - my friend Dan posted this on Facebook. It truly is...incredible. I swear these guys must do yoga or something. How do they learn how to do this?!?!

Awesome Hip Hop Battle


Second - has everybody but me heard about Stephen Colbert's "McCain Green Screen Challenge?"

For those of you who aren't in the know like me - here's what I read about it from a blog on Wired:

John McCain let off a rhetorical firing shot Tuesday night when he outlined some of the policy differences between himself and Barack Obama.

McCain explained his differences in front of a striking green backdrop, in New Orleans, La.

After hilariously mourning the end of the Democratic primaries Tuesday night, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, The World's The Universe' Loudest and Most Unabashed Political Pundit, on Wednesday challenged his viewers to further enliven McCain's Tuesday night address by adding humorous backdrops that would replace the green screen.

Okay so now we know what this 'challenge' is, here are some of the YouTube videos that I was sent earlier this evening (you can find more on YouTube - lots of 'okay' ones, but a few gems in there):

(I think my fav are the asteroids and the pulp fiction)

Blue Suede Shoe edition:

Animation edition:



John McCain: He Was There

Asteroids (Yesssssssss):


paul in Kirkland said...

I get the burned out thing. I'm trying to get into good enough shape to compete in just ONE event this year and I'm getting burned out. Once I get over the hump I plan on picking maybe 2-3 events for next year, tops.

Then I'll meet you to go off into the sunset for the rest of the summer :)

Loren Pokorny said...

It took 2 days to read your whole post. It was basically a 70.3 post and I'm tired. Race lots, like 8-10 races and embrace the training plan (also have a coach who makes you do the same workout no more than 2x ever). You should also have kids and house guests - maybe spend a weekend with Courtenay. I find that overcommiting is the best way to ensure consistent training. Get yourself way in too deep and by the time you finish all of the races you've paid $250 to do, the season is over and OCeanside 70.3 is only 6 months away.

Sarah said...


I should've put those separately, i KNEW IT!

Anyway, I was rather proud of myself for keeping the writing part relatively short. :P

Overcommiting, huh? The problem is...i just love sleep so much. I am really going to try so hard to get up and swim tomorrow but given that we'll probably get home around 1:30 a.m. tonight...getting up at 5:30 is just...ugh. I can't think about this right now.

Rainmaker said...

And why you don't get up at 5:30AM ;)

I love sleep as well, and have started instituted hard policies on getting enough sleep. Eventually I just simply start sacrificing other stuff, otherwise I find I drag too much.

As for lenght - no worries at all, you haven't even come close to the rambling of my posts yet.

rocketpants said...

Athletic ADD...You know I hear you on that. I'm sorry that you are a little burnt out for Vineman. Not too much longer til you start to taper though.

Julie said...

Welcome back!

You could always try my method of getting over the training blues (but I wouldn't recommend it)... Get a cold (1 wk off) then follow it up with a virus that makes you have an upset stomach, dizzy and nauseous (2.5 wks off).

I'm Ready to go! :-)

But... getting back into it has been tough. Which wouldn't feed the "put it off until tomorrow" thing very well.

I say if you want to blow off a workout... do it! you probably need the rest. Or just go to Yoga... you know you want to.

Chris Westall said...

Funny... I posted and then realized that Julie was logged in so it appeared as if she posted. Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we all NEED to take a blogging break just like a tri break! It's the one thing that you can skip to make the day a little easier and less stressful!

I am glad you are back!

Mel said...

GEEEZE woman either you are a FAST typer or this post took forever to write:) We still love ya.......ya burned out does happen...take a little break and then come back into it slowly...just do what you can do ya know??

Eileen Swanson said...

OMG - This was long ;-) LOL, ok I know you are tired of hearing that! Come ride with us in teh East Bay and you will get over your burn out, it's so pretty here ;-) Oh, and you get to play with Belle too if you want ;-)


Anonymous said...

my favorite is the pulp fiction one, but they are all good! colbert is one of the few things i miss about not having cable.