Friday, June 06, 2008

It's coming together

What's 'it?'


But specifically I mean community. The coolest thing happened last night on my long run: In the first 2 miles, a cyclist passed me and I immediately looked first at the bike. I looked away. Then I thought "that looks like Lee's bike." I looked at the rider - it was Lee (from my bike group)! I shouted at him and he turned around and we chatted briefly. He went on his way.

On my entrance to Howarth Park, I saw two runners coming toward me. It was Scuba Steve and Mel from Tuesday evening track workouts! I waved at them and smiled.

On my way back home toward the end of my run, I heard a "woo hoo!!!" - I looked and it was Lee on his way back from his ride. Then, about 5 minutes later, I heard a car honk - I looked over and it was my friend Rachel from the pool! Wow!

I guess my community is finally forming here...

Why was I doing a long run on Thursday? Well, my plan is finally coming together. I sat down with Coach Tim and we went over my schedule. He felt that doing a long bike and a long run on the weekends is too much and I don't get enough recovery time to do such big training sessions. So we set my long runs for Thursdays now. This was really my first week on Tim's plan and so good...but damn I'm tired! In a good way, though. :)

What's up for the weekend then?

Saturday: Lake Berryessa Swim - 2 mile swim. I may do the 1 mile also if I feel like it, but I'll decide tomorrow morning.

Sunday: Long bike out in Sonoma somewhere.

To everybody racing this weekend - Mel, Loren, Soda, Eileen, Ben - GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN AND KICK SOME BUTT!!!!

Me at the Chicago Art Institute last month...what a PHENOMENAL CITY! The AI was pretty damn awesome, too. I could use another fun trip!!


Loren Pokorny said...

It's always fun to see your group out and about! It's also fun to know that if you don't see them, they're probably sleeping and getting slower (though, sometimes sleep = faster, rats). My coach's name is Tim.

Kelly said...

yay! having people is good and its always a little difficult at first

Kelly said...

oh, and PS i'm totally doing the 2 mile lake mendocino swim too!

rocketpants said...

I'm glad to hear that 'it' is all coming together both community and 'it' also sounds like all your great training! But that is fun when the community aspect after a new move starts to form.