Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This week's plan

Okay, I don't have a lot of time. I'm proud of my accomplishments in the last few days since I last wrote, though.

Friday evening 3/24 - swam more of a light swim. Got in a little late because I had to finish some stuff at work so I didn't get into the pool until about 6:15 p.m. Still, it was great. I led some sets, and felt fresh.

Saturday, 3/25 - swam at 7 a.m. practice, 1:30 lane, since nobody for 1:25 was there (again). Turned out well, though. The sets were longer sets, and it was just easier to really focus on my swimming. They were 450's - first one broken up, then the other two were just straight 450's. Still, I felt good. Went to the 9:15 a.m. hour-long spinning class and THAT was a great workout. Great instructor (Neena), great tunes, and I felt like I also managed to keep my heartrate from getting out of control.

I had an appointment in the City at 1:30, so after spinning class, I went home and cleaned up (and hung up the DRENCHED sweaty clothes to dry!) and since the Bay Bridge was its usual Saturday afternoon mess, I opted for BART. Turned out well. I got off at Embarcadero, walked up Market to Stockton and through China Town to Northbeach, where I finally hopped on a bus out to the Marina. So, on top of all of the swimming and spinning, I got a fair amount of walking in as well.

Sunday, 3/26 - Met up with Lee at 7 a.m. in Santa Rosa for what turned out to be another 50+ mile ride! Hooray for that!! Managed to have an avg heartrate around 154 or something like that. One thing I'm really noticing as I track my heart rate is that my recovery times are awesome, so that makes me feel good. We had a fantastic ride, and I just LOVE Sonoma County rides. They really do rock. We did parts of the Vineman course, and Lee is going to take me on the full course a few times before the race so that I can get that down. The air was perfect, the ride was great - no complaints here.

Monday, 3/27 - Had a beautiful 6 mile run which I ran slowly - again maintained an avg heartrate of 155. Threw in a few tempo runs throughout, but mostly kept it slow and steady. Probably ran around a 10 minute mile. It felt good, though, and it was nice to feel like I could keep going.

Tuesday, 3/28 - Rest day.

Wednesday, 3/29 - Do a.m. Tunnel Road bike ride; 6 p.m. - swim

Thursday, 3/30 - A.M. - spin class then lift; 6 p.m. - swim

Friday 3/31 - Going to L.A. for a conference for work, but I'm planning on running Friday evening

Saturday, 4/1 - A.M. Run, maybe swim when I get home that evening?

Sunday, 4/2 - A.M. bike ride, maybe swim after that

Hooray for plans. There it is, in writing. I feel better.

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