Monday, February 09, 2009

So much stuff!

I realize I'm pretty far behind in blogging. Things have been, shall we say, BUSY lately!! So I have some quick updates and two announcements for anybody who cares:

**I'm now teaching spin 4x/week: Mon 6 a.m., Wed 6 a.m., Wed 6 p.m., and Fri 6 a.m. (This means even more time spent planning workouts and making sure I avoid song repetition)

**We got a new computer and switching all music/photos/docs from the last 4 years on my Crapintosh over to the new PC has been time consuming, to say the least.

**We went to L.A. from 1/26-2/1 so I was busy working and having fun.

**I'm getting back into the swing of training! Which means less chill time (aka blog-writing time) in the evenings. I'm actually starting to feel a desire to run again. And to race again. It is a FANTASTIC feeling. Just the other day I was glancing at some old tri photos from last year of me running out of transition and I smiled and thought "that was fun. I can't wait for sunnier, warmer, longer days to do THAT again!"

**I'm SWIMMING again. And I'm KIND OF FASTER! I was making 100s on the 1:25 consistently without drafting off somebody! I was doing 100 IMs on the 1:34 - getting closer to being back at my 1:30 IM pace, NICE! (If only I could swim free as fast as I can do IM...sigh...)

**I've been busy having Tour of California FEVER! Team Astana is in town and everybody I know is all giddy and starstruck because of random Team Astana/Levi Leipheimer/Lance Armstrong sightings. It is SO cool. Last week I was driving down a main street in Santa Rosa and was turning left at an intersection; as I was turning, I realized that there, to my right, was TEAM ASTANA WAITING AT THE LIGHT. OMG OMG OMG OMG! I was so excited I didn't know what to do. After I made the turn I pulled over and as they rode past I cheered them on and hooted and hollered. It was cool.

Okay so I promise to write a real blog post in the near future. Life is good and busy and I'm happy so I don't really feel too bad. :)

Me and Pliny the Elder (double IPA, MMMM!!)


1) Team Aquaphor is now recruiting for 2009! If you are interested in learning more and/or applying,
click here. Applications are due by March 6.

2) Norcal Bike Shop is having a Tour of California After-Party at Stout Brothers on 4th Street in Santa Rosa. They're raffling off a Specialized fixed-gear bike and up to $1500 in bike gear.

Sun, Feb.15, 5-9pm. You have to pre-buy tickets at the shop.
Click here to learn more and BE THERE if you can!!!


D said...

About friggin time!!! :P

Sarah said...

I KNEW you would say that. :P

Kelly said...

soooo excited abotu tour of california

Loren Pokorny said...

you know I was in Santa Rose yesterday and didn't see anyone from Astana. I was also driving 80mph and on the highway - so perhaps that was it.

Come race the Icebreaker Triathlon. It's totally low key. I'm not bringing aero wheels and you KNOW I LOVE AERO wheels, it's that low key and it starts at 9am.

jameson said...

damn... I am reading this during my lunch break... that beer looks so good... double IPA... maybe i'll hit happy hour on the way home.

glad to hear things are coming around training-wise. same here.

how about a recipe soon?

Rainmaker said...

Wow, sounds like you have indeed been busy. But looks like you're enjoying this quite a bit.

And best of all - now you can say:

I'm a PC.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

As long as you are happy then we're happy!! Love that smile :-)

beth said...

busy IS good.
and don't worry too much about song repetition....the good ones are always good!
i went to 3 spin classes last week- love it in the winter.

i secretly want to be a spin teacehr like you.

Courtenay said...

see you sunday at #2! we'll be there...

rocketpants said...

Great to hear you are loving being back in the pool and just giving yourself some time to figure out what you want out of running. Sometimes we all need to just ease up on ourselves and evaluate what is best for oneself.

TdCA...i probably would freak out if I had seen them on the side of the road...that's awesome.