Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Off the topic of training (again)

I know I haven't been writing much lately.

Life has been BUSY! Much of my spare time in the last two weeks has been spent:
-Working extra hours
-Planning more spin workouts
-Sleeping a little more because I got the crappy cold that's been going around
-Watching the Tour of California on the Tour Tracker (omg SO addicting)
-Thinking about my alternatives 'just in case' we aren't able to get through this recession

What does that last one mean?

Well...business has been tough lately. I generally don't like to share much about my personal life on my blog because I think there's enough about me already that's public...I don't need to add to it. And I've dedicated this blog to my triathlon life. But I decided to include that on my list because it is a big reason I haven't been writing much lately. Thinking about 'what if' I didn't have a job in a few months...

And you know what? It doesn't really scare me that much. Yes, I have bills/debt to pay. Yes, it would cause some stress. But honestly, is there a better place on this planet to find yourself without a job? I kind of doubt it. Looking around, you wouldn't really notice at first glance this country is in a recession (well, assuming you're avoiding all of the media headlines). I'm not saying it wouldn't suck. But I am saying that there's still a ton of traffic heading down 101 to SF every day; people are still driving out of town up to Tahoe on the weekends; there are still long lines at the grocery store; there were still FOUR (yes, four) new bike shops that opened in Santa Rosa in the past 8 months; there are STILL jobs posted every day. We are not living in a 3rd world country. So...I've gotta stay positive.

I've also been reading more, dare I say it, 'self-help' books. Okay, I'm only on one right now. My goal is to read 15 min a day because if I didn't set that goal I'd keep reading my New Yorker magazine and Triathlon magazine and Bicycling and Gourmet and I'd never get around to the books. So 15 min of reading a BOOK every day. Slowly but surely, I'm reading a book called "The Magic of thinking Big" by David Schwartz. (Also reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch...another nice and inspiring little read)

I used to think books like that were kind of cheesy. But I'm coming to realize that our society is full of negative thinking and a negative attitude and just...well, a CAN'T-do attitude! We're bombarded with negativity every single day, ESPECIALLY this doom-and-gloom about our economy and society. I've had enough of it.

Just like with triathlon, you have to focus on the things you CAN control. You can't control getting a flat in a race. But you can control how fast you know how to fix it, not getting angry, etc. You can't control your body breaking down in the run or throwing up; but you CAN control learning from every race and doing everything you can to ensure proper nutrition/hydration.

So I can't control the economy and I can't control what happens every day in this business. I can only do the best job possible, and that includes focusing on the positive and making sure I'm giving 110% effort in the work that I do.

This would also mean that my focus has been slightly taken off of training. I'm getting about 8-10 hours a week in, so that's not bad. I'm not running right now, but I'd like to start picking it up again in March. Just doing enough to stay fit and sane and healthy, which is okay with me right now. It's all about balance!

Since it's been raining cats and dogs the last two Sundays, we've been doing 2-hour indoor rides at the Airport Club. It's actually been a LOT of fun and a GREAT workout! I lead the first hour and my friend Tim leads the second hour. We both have diff workout styles where I'm more focused on cardio and Tim's hour is more based on building power or speed. We've had fairly large groups join us both weeks so it makes the time FLY by. Last Sunday I managed a good 2500 yards in the pool afterward and just felt AWESOME!

Overall, life is STILL good and it's a great feeling to really recognize that in spite of some of the worries about what lies ahead, I can really still be so grateful for where I'm at and what I've got. AND HELLO, LEVI WON THE TOUR OF CALIFORNIA!!! SO awesome!

The other awesome thing that happened last week? Lance Armstrong had been twittering about diff music he was listening to. I responded "I'm going to have to check out some of this music you're talking about - I've never heard of any of it!"

LANCE RESPONDED DIRECTLY TO ME and (putting the smack down) said "C'mon Sarah, get with the program!"

Ha. Guess I'd better get hip with what Lance listens to. :)

Then the next best part was that JP saw his Twitter and emailed me and said "Did you just get a shout out from the man? Way to go!"

That's all for now. Will def try to get back and update sooner than two weeks from now!

OH and FYI Dave Zabriskie's house was broken into during the ToC and they stole everything. :( Here's the article and please pass this on. It's really sad.


Shan said...

Great post, Sarah!! I'm with ya on all this - it's easy to fall into a negative mindset with the downturn of the economy, but all we can control is our response to it, not the economy itself. I've been reading some of Eckhart Tolle's books - "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth". We've gotta find a way to live in the NOW and be positive!

Keep on keepin' on chica!!!

D said...

What's the Tour of California. Never heard of it.

Forget self help books. I'm going for the big guns: anti-depressants!

Ottem16 said...

Thanks for the post. I can't believe you are reading "The Last Lecture" way to touching for me, I wouldn't be able to keep it together. I didn't know you went to The airport Club, so do I!

And that is cool Lance responded directly to you ;-)

rocketpants said...

The last lecture is a *fantastic* book! I really enjoyed it.

Much of this economy is about the doomsayers and people listening. There are so many good things going on that it is important to keep that in perspective.

Carolina John said...

i too got totally sucked into the tour of california. george hincapie lives about 10 miles north of me, so i was pulling hard for the big guy. i see him on training rides all the time. and i was so glad that levi won!

i'm reading laird hamilton's new book Forces Of Nature now. you might want to check it out. he's a meathead, with a pic of himself on every page. but it's an easy, informative read.

Lee said...

I think your perspective is excellent. Great post! And don't worry about the job thing. There are always jobs for bright, energetic and personable people like your self. Remember what I was joking with you about at the Ride the Route. Eveyone likes Sarah. That is your ace in the hole.

Kelly said...

yeah, i tend to think we'll be ok.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I feel it too Sarah...you've got the right attitude to weather the ups and downs...that and your smile will take you far. Hugs.

Jocelyn said...

I read Last Lecture over here, it's good! then I watched it on YouTube.

you have a great attitude though, as someone who is currently LIVING in a 3rd world country, life here sure makes us Americans look like a bunch of princesses. seriously. good luck with finding a new job and all that!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Tuesday's with Morrie is one of my favorites...really good read! I LOVE the fact that you're devoting at least 15 min per day to reading - awesome!

Yeah, I hear you about the economy. And I see all the people on vacation down in Carslbad, lots of people on the beach...so on the one hand it doesn't look too bad. But then - on some of my longer rides - there are entire streets with houses for sale on them... So its tough. You're right about the uncertainty - really great attitude!

Keep up the great work!