Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swimming always makes it better

Every time I think "maybe I shouldn't go to swim practice" I tell myself "maybe you should stop saying things like that. Just HTFU and GO."

I was working a little late last night so I knew I wouldn't get there by 5:45...but I could still make it by 6 and thus get a full hour in. That would still be good, especially since Karen was coaching - she's always good for lots of yardage.

And sure enough...3000 yards for one hour which included 5 x 100-yard sprints and lots of rest in between...usually on sprint days the yardage is significantly reduced, so this was about right. On a 'normal' day it might end up being about 3700-4000 yards and my arms want to fall off.

As Karen told us "okay, you're going to do 4 easy 25s followed by a 100 sprint on the 1:20" my mind immediately began to think of all the reasons why I couldn't make that. Out loud I said "couldn't she have made it 1:25?" Then I thought back to my post from earlier. I had to shake that attitude. Hell yes I could do this!

And what do you know...1:16, 1:17, 1:17, 1:18 and 1:16 were my times. I had to do a double take after the first round because I could hardly believe I was swimming THAT fast. Wow!

Right before the last round my friend Todd said "okay Sarah, wanna race?" I smiled and said "you're on!" I always love a good healthy dose of competition.

Of course, all that sprinting made Wed morning spin a little harder than normal, but whatever. It just felt good to have that post-swim soreness when you've had a really awesome workout.

I think I'm going to start a poll every week about spin music. I'm wanting to 'branch out' into new horizons with teaching 4 classes a week and really start changing it up a bit. But in order to do that, I think I'm going to have to start asking folks for suggestions. SO...start looking for a poll here soon.

Also I was thinking of starting a separate food blog like Devon has and Beth & James. It would be a better way to keep track of dishes and probably inspire me to add recipes a little more often. We'll see!


Ottem16 said...

Hey Sarah thanks for the comment last night on my blog, this is in response to that. I have never done master swims before, when I did tri's previously I swam at Finley. Do they actually work on form during masters? I need to get a little bit more fitness under my belt before I start doing some group stuff though. I really would like to work on swim form though, have you ever used a coach?

rocketpants said...

What a fish!!! That is so awesome. So much is attitude...which is interesting in how to adjust one's attitude...but I think you linked awhile back to BreeWee's blog about 'fake it til you make it'...that idea of just *thinking* you can do it is a lot of it. I see this a lot recently as I've started riding the velodrome more with hard core trackies...and so much of it is 'can I hang with them? Can I keep the pace? Am I going to lose their wheel?'...and the mind can play stupid tricks on ya. Learning to control the inner thoughts is 90% of it sometimes.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You must be part dolphin! Way to get into the pool and kick a$$

Shan said...

Yeah!!! I love breakthrough workouts like that - those are some pretty speedy 100's :) :). It's definitely best to not listen to your mind, but just let your body DO the work - nice job girl!!!

Yay for the food blog!!! I will gladly read it and contribute some recipes...

Rainmaker said...

Very very nicely done on the 1:16's! That's rocking those sets.

I'd be all down for reading your food blog, that's for sure! Mmm...foood.

Nathan said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your blog. I'm going to try my first triathlon this summer, and now I'm trying to figure out good places to train (and how to train.) Yesterday I got a monthly pass to the Y on 4th street. But I'd like to attend your spin class and connect with knowledgeable folks like yourself. Could you send me details about your class?