Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vineman 70.3 Tips Part 2

So last month I wrote this post on tips for the Vineman 70.3. I hope it was helpful for anybody who might have read it!

That post was actually an entry into the Fitness Journal Discussion Board as a response to somebody who had asked about the race.

After my post, two of my buddies, Pat & Jim, chimed in with some additional advice. I thought I'd post it here as well.

T-MINUS TWO WEEKS TO VINEMAN, EVERYBODY!! Let the countdown begin. I AM SO EXCITED! Now let's all hope for great weather that isn't sweltering. ;)

Vineman 70.3 Tips Part 2:

From Jim C:

A few more things to add to Sarah's report on the course. We rode most to the course today (only approaching the course from the other side.

1st - I would highly recommend that you have well-lubed shifters as you will be constantly changing gears. I was surprised how often I changed along the course.

2nd - I found it best to keep the pace up and use lower gears when possible.

3rd - You can stay in the aero bars for a long time, so you should get used to that position (most of my training has been on my road bike, and I found my beck getting REALLY stiff today.

4th - BUTTON DOWN THE HATCHES! What I mean, is that these roads have some major bumps and rough areas. We had computers falling off, water bottles coming out and tool kits being bounced out. Tighten things down.

5th - Save some for the run, it is easy to push these course fast and burn your legs out. DON"T DO IT!

From Pat K:

Westside road over the past couple of winters has gotten worse and the road has a lot of pot holes and rough patches.. The only thing i will add to Sarah's & Jim's report is that at the end of Chalk Hill rd you turn left onto Faught rd. Before you turn onto Faught rd make sure you shift down to an easy gear there is a sneaky little hill as soon as you turn and it catches a ton of people in a big gear every year..


Anonymous said...

i think we should have a pre- vineman sleep over since you live the closest.

beth said...

thanks for all the awesome tips....SUPER helpful! i can't wait..sooo. do you think there will be westuits? enjoy your last couple of weeks, i hope i run into you!