Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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10 Years ago I was…
...About to enter my senior year of high school.
...Taking a "Swim for Fitness" class at Solano JC and thought "hm, wow, I kind of like this swimming thing. Had no idea you could have real 'workouts' in the pool. This is cool. I should stick with it."
...Thinking I'd be off to the east coast for college to ride horses and earn a degree in biology so I could go off to med school afterward.
...Aiming to be the captain of the badminton team (yes...IT IS A SPORT!)
...Working in my first job as a cashier at Ace Hardware in Benicia, CA

5 Years ago I was…
...Galavanting around western Europe with my now-ex-bf (but now still good bud) Ben
(That's us in Spain!) ->
...Gearing up to start my job in Outdoor Education in the foothills next to Yosemite
...Contemplating how to keep medicine in my career without being a doctor
...Still just a 'lap swimmer' at the local pool and not even close to considering triathlon a viable sport. (wow...a lot happens in 5 years!)

1 Year ago I was…
...Still thinking about whether to buy a new tri bike or road bike
...Working at the National Brain Tumor Foundation in San Francisco
...Living in Berkeley
...Getting ready to go camping for 4th of July!
...Convinced that Vineman would be WAY better than the first year I did it (it was...sort of)
...Still trying to figure out where to go with my life and if I should leave Berkeley

5 things on my to-do-list today..
1. Do my track workout this evening
2. Decide what to make for dinner without going to the store
3. Start the new book I just bought
4. Watch the Darjeeling Limited so I can return it!
5. Work on Tim's website

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. Bananas and PEANUT BUTTER!
2. Wild Harvest Blueberry Flax Granola and plain yogurt
3. Carrot sticks
4. Pita chips and hummus
5. Fruit. Any kind of fruit. I love it!

If I were a billionaire I would…
1. Pay off all my stupid debt.
2. Develop a non-profit organization that had to do with literacy, education and sustainable living here in the U.S.
3. Use my free time to think about what I could do on a global level, and then with all my money, do it!
4. Open a bike shop and have bike clinics every week for newbies while advocating for more bike lanes and roads.
5. Oh yeah...buy a new road bike, a mtn bike, a touring bike, and some sweet ZIPP WHEELS! :D

6 people I want to have lunch with tomorrow…
In no particular order...
1. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (together, at the same lunch)
2. Michael Pollan (I have no idea what we'd eat)
3. Ruth Reichl (editor of Gourmet magazine and AMAZING writer! Her books are delicious!) (This is a pic of Ruth Reichl)
5. Isabel Allende

6. My sister (this is us last November on a fam trip!)

5 places I have lived
(Yes, I'm a California girl...)
-Vallejo, CA
-Berkeley, CA
-Sonora, CA
-San Francisco, CA
-Santa Rosa, CA

5 jobs I have had
-Cashier and key-maker extraordinaire at ACE Hardware
-Sales person at the Men's Fragrance Counter at Macy's
-Tour Guide at UC Berkeley
(This was Cal Day 2003...it rained ALL DAY!!! I'm in the front row...big 'ASK ME' button on :))
-Outdoor Educator for mostly 6th graders
-Program Manager in Patient Services at NBTF


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I LOVE Peanut Butter + Banannas. VERY yummy. Actually, skip the banana and just go for the peanut butter.

No - wait.

Take the peanut butter, grab a bar of chocolate, and spread said peanut butter on the bar of chocolate. Enjoy!


HEy - we're the same age! Sweet!

Kelly said...

i want to have a big gathering of 'internet friends'. it'll be fun

BreeWee said...

YAY! Thanks for playing Sarah! I love all your snacks and I AM LAUGHING that you were the captain of a badmit team, classic!

Okay... ART.
It means Active Realease Therapy. It is like a horrible massage that actually does more than muscle, it gets tendons, and scar tissue and other things too. It can break up scar tissue from YEARS of damage. I really don't know ALL the science behind it but I know it works WONDERS! Hurts to, but the body feels like you just got rid of 1,000 pounds of stress and damage when you are done...LOVE IT! But it can be expensive if they don't take insurance...

Rainmaker said...

You get Gourmet too? I'm sure my mailman must wonder what whackjob gets Cycling Magazine, Gourmet Magazine and Triathletes magain.

Anonymous said...

which was your favorite job from that list? I'm guessing the key-queen Ace Hardware one...;-)

Ben said...

Wow, that was only 5 years ago? It feels so much longer... I miss Spain.