Friday, July 11, 2008

The Fabulousness of Friday

No matter how bad a Friday can be, it's still usually good. Because it's FRIDAY!!!

Unless of course you work on Sat/Sun...then it's not quite as good.

Anyway, I overslept this morning (slept in, I'd prefer to call it...) and missed swim practice. Damn. But then I thought "well, I only need to do a 40 min swim anyway...I'll go at lunch!" Besides, then I can wear my new two-piece I got at the Lake Berryessa swim and work my tan a little more. ;)

Usually when I post a "Fabulous Friday" post it includes songs and fun stuff. This is no different.

When I checked my e-mail this morning, Ben's mom Shirley (who is very awesome and inspiring) had sent this great email of a video that I've embedded below. I think it's just beautiful. It's about 5 minutes but so worth it. It really shows that at the core, we are the same. No matter where we come from. Humans are human. We all like to laugh and have fun and be silly, no matter what our culture is. It's great.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

I've also posted my top 5 songs of the week. I taught THREE spinning classes this week (usually just do one!) and they were all awesome. It inspired me to download some new songs and get a little crazy with everybody. We had fun together.

I really feel like I'm getting to know my spinning students at the YMCA and learn their strengths and weaknesses, not to mention their personalities. It's been about 5 months since I began teaching up here and I really feel like it's all beginning to come together. I know people's names, I know who to pick on, I know who the jokers are, and they are beginning to know me. They know I'm not as hard core as I probably seemed in the beginning. I've really started to look forward to class as opposed to being a little apprehensive and I think it shows. There are also starting to be more people showing up on a regular basis, which is also a great sign.

It all comes back to patience. Sigh. Not one of my strengths by any stretch of the imagination. One of my dad's biggest hobbies is fishing; while he brought me on many great camping and backpacking trips throughout my youth that I later came to enjoy on my own, the fishing part of it was never something I cared for. I just never had the patience for it!

Here they are...this weeks' top 5 on the song list:

1. Listen to the Music (Malibu remix) - Doobie Brothers
2. Sweet Dreams (2007 Remix) - Eurythmics
3. By My Side - Flanders (this link is actually from the SF radio station that I listened to a lot that inspired many of the spinning songs I use)
4. Girls - Beastie Boys (oh Beasties...I love them)
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (this is one of my most favorite songs in the entire world; it's not a workout song, but certainly a nice cool down song, and just a really beautiful song that makes you want to be in Hawaii!)

I'm off to a yoga retreat this weekend to kick off my taper. Have an awesome weekend, everybody!


Paul said...

That song from Iz is pretty cool. It was funny I had that song in my head for the whole Honu 70.3 race. haha

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Have fun at your yoga retreat! Sounds like a perfect way to kick off a taper!!

Rainmaker said...

I love that video - he's soooo lucky. I love travelling, but he's taken that to a whole new level. VERY impressive.

A Yoga retreat ehh?? That sounds very...Californian. ;)

Have a good time!