Friday, March 21, 2008

T minus 8 days...holy crap

So thrilled and EXCITED!

I REALLY appreciate all of the supportive comments everybody's made.

I did my little combo workout last night where I taught spinning for 60 minutes (and okay, I did frame the workout to suit my needs...just this ONCE! The students got a good workout!) and then ran for 40 (with 5 easy at the in super easy). I must've looked like an utter goofball on the treadmill because I couldn't wipe that damn smile off my face. I felt SO awesome. AWESOME. My training plan said to do a run that was roughly half of the bike time and to spend 10-20 minutes in Zones 4-5a...

So I ran at first at an 8:20 to warm up...HR still very low...after a couple minutes I brought it down to 8:00/mile for the rest of my 5:00 warm-up. HR still pretty aerobic. So...I finally brought it up to Zone 4 at a 7:40 pace for 10 minutes...spent 5 minutes back at an 8:00 pace to recover slightly...and did another 10 minutes at 7:35 to bring it up to Zone 5a by the end...and 5 minutes back at an 8:00 mile. I couldn't believe how incredible I felt.

I always get nervous about the taper. It scares me because I completely relate to the bunch of athletes who start to freak out that they're not exercising. I'm not as bad as I used to be because I've learned how valuable rest can be. Still, perfecting the taper is something I've yet to do. Wondering if I'll really peak on race day, wanting to do just the right amount of 'hard' work and no more so that I can keep those muscles fresh and ready to work.

Looking back, I made a goal back in January to be able to run for 2 hours an an 8:00 mile. I never did make my long run longer than 1:45 because I was totally running at that pace; I know I won't need to run longer than that if I can hold that pace in the race. It's kind of cool to look back on the goals I set for myself and realize that I've done a nice job of sticking to them. That writing-them-down thing REALLY WORKS!

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends from the Lombardi Sports Tri Team that I was a part of for three fabulous years (only reason I'm no longer with Lombardi is really based on location, given that I'm now 50 miles away...I sure do miss them!). I'm looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers Paul, Rocketpants (on the run course! I'll be wearing Team Aquaphor stuff! Let me know if you find out what aid station you're going to be at!) and Loren. I'm looking forward to seeing my dear friend Heather, fellow triathlete and super woman who lives in San Diego and we do the Santa Barbara Tri together every year. I'm looking forward to having my supportive significant other at the race to cheer me on.

And finally...I'm looking forward to HAVING FUN!!!!

Oh - did I mention what I'm going to purchase this weekend?

Yes, I'm going for the Aero - or, as I call it - Alien Helmet.

I had an email conversation with Paul regarding Zipp wheels, which led to aero helmets. I was considering renting a pair of Zipp 404s, which I used in the Big Kahuna last year. I borrowed them from a friend for that race, but that friend is racing next weekend, hence the unavailability (boo). So he said "With the helmet it's not just a rental. You get that for all of your races. The Spuik one is nice as is the LG rocket." Good point, especially for somebody like me with a limited amount of disposable income. And really...for me, it hasn't really come down to seconds. It's usually a minute or two, which I CURSE for my slow transition times (damn wetsuit).

So I'm going alien-helmet shopping this weekend. Wahoo! (You know you're an athlete when, as a woman, you get more excited about shopping for gear than shoes) Any recommendations (on helmets, not shoes) ???


Courtenay said...

comfort!!! buy based on comfort.

yay shopping... i love it.

Courtenay said...

ok so really i am not a fan of mine - it doesn't fit well, my regular helmet gets better airflow, and i have thick long hair and my regular helmet is easier to get on in a hurry. plus i don't care too much for the aesthetics of mine.

ALSO, for a tt that's longer than an hour, my neck gets tired and i like to be able to look down at my SRM. when you look down in an aero helmet, you basically negate the benefit of the aeroness because you have this big point sticking up and grabbing wind.

so ultimately, i think having the helmet is a mental thing, unless you are doing pro tour TT's or prologues or unless you are a speedy pro triathlete dude or unless you are racing pursuit on the track. there is nothing wrong with racing a triathlon in a regular helmet, in my admittedly inexperienced book.

good helmets can be pricey - you could save that $ and put it towards a set of used race wheels, which WILL help you a lot. do you use 650s or 700s?

again, this is MY opinion, not true hard fact!

Paul said...

Hey Sarah,

I'm not manning the aid station this year. Traditionally TCSD mans the first station out of transition on the boardwalk. This year is a tye die theme. I'll be with the family taking pictures and hanging out probably close to transition and on the run course. Good luck!!

mojojoey said...

hello! I have the Louis Garneau um.... the wimpy little one. The Chrono. It's the cheapest. I personally think they look VERY cool. the bigger more aero one are even cooler! The Rocket and the Giro Advantage look super cool! since we have the same bike...I'd get the Giro Advantage 2 that comes in the blue and black paint scheme. yeah!!

rocketpants said...

NO idea about helmets...but agree on the alien effect. I will be at on the run course...and as Paul mentioned, it sounds like it is the first aid station. (other things have said you go...first aid station. 5'4" red hair...i'm sure you will be delirious at the time, so no worries if you can't figure out who I am)

Cristi said...

You've done everything possible to prepare yourself and you are an absolute MACHINE!! You deserve the best equipment. Use the Zipps!

I'm SUPER proud of you and can't wait for the awesome results. You can do this, Sarah!

I'm living vicariously through you and really feel the build up of pressure & excitement before a race. ENJOY IT & KICK BUTT!

Chris Westall said...

I agree with Courtenay... Comfort is King!

Feel good about your training (as you do)... And positive thoughts!

You'll do great at Oceanside.

Anonymous said...

Hi, reading you for the first time. Good luck in San Diego. I'm in Santa Rosa, doing vineman this year as my big race.

Maybe we can have a cup of coffee sometime?

Anonymous said...

don't mind my sister.

i like norcal velo a lot - does glenn fant still work there? he's awesome!