Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do the Test

I should be on a ride right now. Oh yes, I should. But I came down with a cold this week and that DAMN NYQUIL I so desperately thought was a good idea last night kept me completely zonked this morning so that I slept a little too long. :-/ Today will be a swim/run day instead, and I'll get my bike in tomorrow.

As an aside, I just have to say I actually think NyQuil is evil. I'm still in this half-foggy state and can't promise to be writing anything of much clarity at the moment. THAT WAS A HALF-DOSE I TOOK, TOO. At 3 a.m. when I was still coughing and just generally annoyed that my sleep quality was crap, I caved in and took the damn stuff. *sigh* I hate being sick.

SO ANYWAY, now that I've got my whining out of the way -

My fellow cycling buddy Jim sent this to our e-mail list. In light of my recent postings, I really think it's very appropriate to post here. Give it a shot.

I love this. So clever and so simple. I hope people pass it on. You can also find it here:


rocketpants said...

Soooo sorry you are sick. It's been going around down here too...and everywhere it seems. I agree I think Nyquil is pure evil. I try to avoid it at all costs.

I do love the awareness test. Although I wonder if they put the bear in fluorescent/brightly colored bike top if it would be easier to see. I'm all about obnoxiously colored tops.

Paul said...

cool video. Get better soon! Nyquil is great if you need to pass out. It used to have alcohol in it and worked better....oh well.

Sarah said...

Thanks, both of you!!

NyQuil still does have alcohol in it...I think that's part of what knocks you out (which is strange given my wine habit and how much of it I can drink).

I do have to say, I think that's the worst Moonwalk I've ever seen, but it was still a really cool video. :)

I think Rocketpants has it right - it's all about us doing our part to wear as bright of colors as possible (in addition to drivers being more aware). Here's to bring pinks and yellows and oranges (I even have a very obnoxious long-sleeve tye-dye's hideous but I got it for $10!)!!

Chris Westall said...

great video. I came across your site because i read a comment on Loren's blog by you. he and I are friends.

the video is very timely w/ the deaths of the riders in San Jose.

good luck at oceanside.

Greg Remaly said...

nyquil rocks if you really want to just pass out for 8+ hrs. Tylenol PM works quite well too, with very similar ingredients.

your mistake was taking it at 3 am. you really need to have at least 8 hrs set aside.

i had insomnia one night a couple years ago and i ended up driving to a wal-mart at 3 am for nyquil. i immediately drank 3/4 of a large bottle, passed out at 3:30 and slept until 1:30 and laid in bed the rest of the day eating fatty foods and watching dvds. it was awesome (and the off-season).