Thursday, March 27, 2008

Follow up on my letter to the editor (yes, THAT subject again)

So apparently the folks at Inside Tri thought my 'letter' was worth posting!

See here: Your Turn! What's the biggest issue facing triathlon now and in coming years?

How did I find this? No, it wasn't because I noticed they had a link to the article on their front page.

My Gmail notifier popped up in my right-hand window with a new e-mail that read: "[Editorial Feedback] Old Bikes for Tris"

Hmmm, what's that about?

I got a message via InsideTri people from this guy who wrote the following:
Could you get a message to Sarah Trejo who was one of your published respondents re biggest issues in tri smackdown. She makes the comment via your website: "I rode my Trek OCLV road bike that probably dated back to 2000". Thought she might enjoy that I rode, to a 2007 third place national age-group ranking, frame and components that dates back to about 1998 per the original owner. I got the setup free, third-hand -- aluminum, round-tubed Quintana Roo Quilo. I admit the wheels are newer, dating from 2003. :-)
Sweet. I love stories like that. When I look back to pictures of me on my old bike, I'm still amazed at how I tolerated it for that long - it's a 56 frame and really, I needed a 54. But silly ex-boyfriend that helped me buy it (from some dude on Craigslist) didn't seem to think I looked too stretched out on it (even though HE was a cyclist and every other cyclist who would later see me on that bike would say " look a little stretched out..."), so I just stuck with it, especially since I never had any resulting pain from it at all.

Just the thought that "hey...I could be even BETTER if I had a bike that FIT!" :D

Anyway - it just comes back to the point that it's really the talent ON the bike that matters, not how good the components are, how light the bike is or which wheel set you scored. Those things are the icing on the cake. And they're pretty.

T-2 days and 48 hours...I'll be running my heart out.


Saran said...

Blog hopping... :)

rocketpants said...

That's so cool you got your letter published!

I wish I could say I did something amazing on the bike I started doing tri's on. I saw an advertisement for it at a pawn shop was an early 80s entry racing bike, friction downtube shifters. Much too big in the top tube. I loved that bike.

Granted even if I had the 'fastest' bike around, I doubt I'd be able to do much with it. It's more about the engine than the bike. I used to train with a girl who regularly would pass people who were going all aero during a tri while she was on a mountain bike with slick tires.

Woohoo! good luck in just 48 hours. Run station 1...I think you guys pass us a few times too.

rocketpants said...

Nice job today! I think I saw you on the first loop of the run. I was at the first aid station on the run (which was also we saw runners 4x). I saw an aquaphore jersey...and someone with Sarah on their name tag...I yelled. You did look at me :-) I hope you had a good were smokin on by! Good job.

PS...i see on your blog you love 'Get Fuzzy'...I heart them.

Alexis Waddel-Smith said...

hey sarah,
i hope you had a great race yesterday! it was nice to chat with you on friday when i saw you near the expo! will you be at wildflower too?
take care and can't wait to hear how your race went.