Monday, March 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, fellow cyclists

My local cycling community suffered another loss over the weekend - Kristy Gough, 30 of San Leandro and Matt Peterson, 29 of San Francisco were both killed over the weekend when they were hit by an on-duty sheriff's deputy down in Cupertino, CA. His car veered into the other lane. A third cyclist was hit but is in critical condition.

Clearly, even when you're being safe, things happen. But it's all the more reason to do everything you can to be as safe as possible.

I just wanted to spread the word. It makes me really sad and upset - perhaps being so close in age and being a cyclist myself, it just hits home all too well. Gough was a pro triathlete who was turning to the cycling circuit. Peterson was an amateur cyclist on the Roaring Mouse Cycling Team. I hope they rest in peace and ride tall.

Full article is here.

More on Kristy Gough here.

More on Matt Peterson here.

You're so vulnerable on that bike and it's incredible how it only takes a second for everything to change from great to tragic. I've had too many close calls myself; just yesterday a motorist zipped by us and I was forced to ride on some loose gravel that nearly threw me back into the car.

I want to use this as an opportunity, besides paying my respects, to raise some awareness about pro cyclist Dave Zabriskie's organization Yield to Life. Check it out.

We all travel life’s roads. I stand before you to ask for your cooperation in providing safe space for cyclists. When you see a cyclist on the road, please, yield to life.
-Dave Zabriskie

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Sebi said...

I'm sorry to read about this kind of tragic story... So sad.