Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Week

Regarding Paleo:
Each day this Paleo thing seems to get a little easier! I noticed that I am starting to think about food the same way I did before; that is, you think up what to have for breakfast in the context of what is available, not "Well, I guess I can't have toast. I guess I can't have yogurt and fruit." Instead it's more like "hmm, poached eggs sound good. Oooh and I can put some lox and avocado with that too. Perfect!"

And there you have it - my new favorite breakfast:
New fav breakfast! Poached egss, lox and capers, and some avocado. Nom nom nom!

Proper Fueling for Workouts
The one thing I noticed last week that was NOT so good was that I need to figure out pre- and post-workout fueling. I went out for the Tuesday Fun Run at Heart and Sole Sports last week. This was an easy 5 mile run - moderate pace, a couple of easy hills - definitely a run that could be deemed "Fun Run" as I was able to maintain a conversation throughout most of the run. Then I taught spin on Wed at 5:30pm. On Wed and Thursday nights, I woke up with my legs in extreme pain - the kind of pain that I've only experienced after doing half-Ironmans. WTF?!? It wasn't like I'd done anything crazy and yet, my legs were in so much throbbing pain that it was difficult to get back to sleep.

Upon further thought, I realized this may have had to do with improper fueling before and after workouts. Even without grains, I still need to find some proper carbohydrates to get into my system. 

This Week's Agenda
This week is all about setting up the year's schedule. I want to start planning for events now, so I can have some semblance of a training plan, and not just decide I am going to swim because I feel like it. I kind of got off the running schedule because it's been SO EFFING COLD here (it was 22 degrees Fahrenheit at 6am this morning. NOT cool.) that I haven't been doing my 6am runs. It may just be time to HTFU and do it. Or find a more reasonable hour (and temperature) to train at.

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