Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Song list for the week

So I was having more fun with iTunes over the last couple weeks and thought I'd share my recent acquisitions as well as some older ones that I left off my last Top 10. I really get sick of my music quite quickly, and vow to have at least about 4 weeks between the next time I repeat a song in spin class. I've had spinning students tell me they don't notice, but I SURE DO!

Of course there's some songs I could listen to over and over and over. But I digress. Here's the list:*
*I make NO claims on these videos! Some are just downright STUPID!!! It's the SONG I'm recommending, NOT the video!!!!

1. Kung Fu Fighting (Paralyzer Disco Remix) - Carl Douglas - 3:36 (sorry no YouTube video on this one - gotta listen on iTunes - but it's the best of all the remixes - GOT TO HAVE THIS PARTICULAR MIX, in my opinion) **And I played this in spinning yesterday and one guy says "IS THIS KUNG FU FIGHTING?!?!" Then they cracked up...

2. World, Hold On - Bob Sinclair & Steve Edwards - 6:38

3. Take On Me - a-Ha - 3:49

4. Look On The Floor (Solasso Remix) - Bananarama - 6:43

5. The Bomb! - Bucketheads - 3:23

6. Feel Alive - Benassi Bros. featuring Naan - 4:48 (I LOVE this song...just gets me going at the beginning of a workout)

7. Jerk It Out (Jason Nevins Extended Remix) - Caesars - 5:50

8. Rhythm Is A Dancer (CJ Stone Club ReMix) - Snap! - 7:46

9. Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis Bextor - 3:55

10. And to take you back...Beautiful Life - Ace of Base - 3:41

Feel free to share any particular songs that get you going...I love having my ears opened...


Loren Pokorny said...

I may stop reading your blog if you insist on posting a list of the worst 10 songs you just bought. I can't believe that "Playing With the Boys" extended mix isn't on here. I can burn it for you. Greta threatened to leave me if I played another second of it on Sunday. I was like 'you know, Top FRICKEN GUN SOUNTRACK!'. she didn't care.

Sarah said...

You know...Matt seems to have the same opinions about my music...


Sheeeez...I think Greta was right to threaten you. That poor woman prob has to hear waaaay too much of that Kenny Loggins and stuff you listen to.

Courtenay said...

AHAHAHA i totally have that version of rhythm is a dancer...

as for song rec's for workouts, and sorry if this is a repeat of stuff i already told you, i am SO TIRED but am trying not to take a 7 p.m. 'nap':

-the knife "silent shout"
-afi "miss murder"
-robert miles "trance shapes" (and most of the organik album for that matter)
-like ten trillion depeche mode songs. the subsonic legacy remix of only when i lose myself is pretty sick. so's the jeep rock mix of in your room.
-dj shadow "fixed income" the live version off in tune and on time

ok i will leave you alone now... going to check out some of your suggestions. but maybe i will nap after all.

Loren Pokorny said...

Forget Courteny, word is she ONLY listens to the Cure. GOSH.

You should consider a playlist for making DESIREE's MUFFINS.

Anonymous said...

I like ace of base, I have all their songs if you want more. And I like murder on the dance floor but that just reminds me of softball team bus dance parties... yea.. we were weird.

Anonymous said...

You know I LOVE your song lists! Music is a great motivator!

Chris Westall said...

That's IT!!!!

I'm getting Everyone of you access to my MP3 collection... 300GB of anything you can think of.

And Loren... I'm officially disappointed in Greta for not "giving it up" for the Top Gun Soundtrack.

And can anyone believe how much money Kenny Logins must be making from the movie hitlist he did in the 80's (Top Gun, Footloose, Caddyshack, Fame, etc...)

Rainmaker said...


Well, at least one song was salvageable. ;)

I like Jerk it out. Very addicting. Although honestly - almost all of those are solid when your just in a workout zone.