Monday, May 12, 2008


First - I LOVED LOVED LOVED Chicago. If it weren't so damn cold there in the winter and so humid in the summer, I could definitely see myself moving there. What an amazing city. Highlights and pictures to come soon (later today or tomorrow).

Since I don't have a lot of time to post, I thought I'd share something utterly hilarious that my 17 year-old sister shared with me yesterday (it's how I stay hip...she tells me what's up these days with kids...;)

The website is called "Gizoogle." Now, assuming you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably heard something in the past 5-10 years about this whole 'rapper-talk' or whateva you want to call it. But it involves inserting the sound 'izzle' into the middle of words and cutting off the end of words...for example, if you wanted to say "For sure, my friend!" you would say "Fo shizzle mah nizzle!"

It's totally dumb but I think it should go on that website called "Things White People Like" and then be listed under "White people love to make fun of gangsta talk and try to say things like "fo shizzle!" and think they're all cool and funny when they do." So true.

Okay, so here's the real point to ALL of this (I swear I'm trying to be more like Ben and get right to the point):

So you go to "Gizzogle" ( and enter in a website. Say, for example, (you must enter the whole http://www part). Gizoogle then TRANSLATES the website into gangsta talk!

It's really pretty hilarious.

However, what I typed in next for "translatin'" what even funnier. I had it translate my blog...

And you know how I write a little something for each person's blog on my blogroll?

Well my, my it translates my dear friends' descriptions is utterly hilarious:

Here's just a sample (by the way, it changes every time you do it...try it a few times!):

Before Gizzogle: Courtenay's Blog - She's a super-duper cyclist & triathlete and induces much laughter in her writing.

After Gizoogle: Courtenay's Blizzay - She's a bitch cyclist & triathlete n induces much shot calla in her writ'n . Aint no L-I-M-I-to-tha-T.

Before Gizoogle:The Marathon Life - Devon's chronicle of her running exploits as a super distance runner

After Gizoogle:
The Marathon Life - Devon's chronicle of her bustin' exploits as a snoopa distance gangsta

Before Gizoogle: Bree Wee's Blog - ALWAYS has a smile on her face; makes even the toughest workouts seem fun!

After Gizoogle: Bizzy Wee's Bliznog - ALWAYS has a smile on her face; makes even tha toughest workouts seem fun!

I LOVE that - ha! Bree, you are now "Bizzy Wee!"

This one is just plain wrong but if you know Loren...

Before Gizoogle: Loren's Triathlon Training Blog - Occasionally features really cute kid pics.

After Gizoogle: Loren's Triathlon Train'n Blog - Occasionally features really skanky kid pics.

Okay, anyway, go play for yourself.

I Gizoogled "" and I LOVED how there's this picture of Greg and Arnold (the pot-bellied pig) and instead of it saying "From The Diary of Greg Remaly," once Gizoogled it now says:

"Fizzle the Diary of Greg Remaly: Pro triathlete Greg Remaly raps `bout tha ups n downs of train'n through tha winta n early season .. n introduces his pal, a pot-bellied pig in tha mutha fuckin club.

Wow. Okay, on with my day.


Loren Pokorny said...

My blog is reall a daily triathlon adventure bliznog (and F-U-Double-Nizzy shiznit tizzle & sippin' ta mah mizzle I'm above average too. Skanky kids. I'll show you skanky kids (I really just take the pictures and post them- the girls skank em up themselves).

Kelly said...

that is awesome

Jocelyn said...

OMG. this is hizzy-larious!!! I gizoogled my blog and there is one part that now says: "wizzell, I came ta realize tizzle mizzle of tha photos I ended up ho-slappin' wizzy on mah camera phone anyway" like WHAT?!?! :D

BreeWee said...

That is so funny... leave it to you for a little entertainment in blog land! Bizzy Wee totally fits too...
I might need to borrow your sister every now and then to get the scoop on what is hip these days!

Christine said...

YES!! This just made my day!

Courtenay said...

i love mine. that makes me sound like a total badass.