Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love spinning.

If I would've put half as much effort into some of my college classes as I did for this class today, I might've had a better GPA.

The prep work really paid off, and I felt so ready to get in and teach and so comfortable with knowing my outline that I was even able to improvise a little when I realized that in practice, a few of the things I had written out weren't quite right. This occurred when I realized that people were beginning to look a little haggard and the next thing on my agenda was more standing sprints. So, with a quickness, I switched things around and had them do a little recovery and THEN on to the standing sprints!

It was such a natural feeling for me to be up there, and I was so excited - I knew my energy was really transferring to the students in my class. I think I did well with the song choices, as there were several times I saw people lip-syncing along with the music, which is ALWAYS a good thing!

It also seemed like I was really engaging the class and giving them a workout - people were sweating, working hard and seemed like they were listening to what I had to say (which, I had to compliment myself on, I didn't do TOO much of!), and the best part of all was that as they left they said goodbye and "Thank You!"

So, as they say, practice makes perfect. I'm definitely still rough around the edges but since I had no idea what to expect, I'm SO happy that it felt so good. I definitely want to get better at transitions, building good workouts, etc. but this is a fantastic start.

There was, however, one main problem, and it has to do with this insane love of asparagus I have (and how abundant it's been at the grocery store lately). All I could smell the entire TIME was ASPARAGUS in my SWEAT! UGH! I STILL feel like I smell it. I think it's worse than garlic.

Oh, asparagus. Between the pee and the sweat...we may have to part ways for awhile.


Constance said...

LOL on the Asparagus. I sooo know what you mean!

Cristi said...

I'm a spin instructor also. Every gym has a different crowd. Don't worry so much about pleasing them as giving them a good workout.

BTW, thanks for the Alcatraz tips. I competed in the 70.3 World Championship last year so I'll give you the down low when the time comes!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the blog comment and if I make it to Clearwater, will look fwd to your tips. Hope my Alcatraz comments were helpful. :-)

Re the spinning - yeah, I'm not so much worried about what people THINK (screw that, you can't please everybody), but the workout part is key for me.

Read your blog from Clearwater - AWESOME JOB!! That is so kick ass!