Monday, April 23, 2012

Moving on to a new chapter.

Started a new blog. A Tumblr, no less. I had to actually google "what is a Tumblr?" to finally understand why I might want to use that, over, say, another Blogger site. But it seems to fit with where I'm at. Minimal site design. Easy to post from my phone. Less emphasis on text, more on substance. I like it. So I did it.

If you care to follow the next chapter, which will be about food, wine, bike riding, Sonoma County adventures, and other random nonsense, you can find me here.

Otherwise, I will say farewell to all of the triathletes who have stumbled here in search of good information and motivation and inspiration. May you find what you're looking for, and always remember this:

just do your best. 

If you finish the race and you can honestly say you did your best, then be pleased and focus on what you enjoyed. Don't harp on how you could have saved a minute here, or two minutes there. It's just a race. I know you spent months of preparation on it, I know you paid lots of money to be there, you sacrificed a lot to make it happen. Remember, I've been there!

But that's the point - you gave up a lot in time, money and other opportunities (like sleeping in!) to make it happen. So go out there, do your best, and enjoy the ride. Kind of like life.

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