Sunday, October 11, 2009

No, I didn't die.

030 Early Bird Women 2009 Team.
Love these ladies!

I'm sure somebody out there began to wonder if, maybe, something awful had happened, right?

Nope. Nothing awful. Just the insanity of life over the past two months.

Between buying a house, moving the office, renovating extensively and having several other things to keep me busy in between, there really hasn't been much time for writing.

Sarah Side Angle Yoga keeps me grounded.
I got to pose for Three Dog Yoga as they build their website up!
Photo credit: Shelby Erickson, Erickson Design


Besides plain busyness though, there has been something else on my mind that I think has kept me from writing:

Contemplation of change.

The longer I went without writing, the more I began to think about blogging and whether to continue. One thing that has troubled me over the past year is that I don't have the time to be part of the blog community the way I used to. All those links you see on the left-hand side of this entry are people's blogs I have enjoyed reading at one time or another. Some of those people became Facebook friends. Others have become awesome real-life friends. I've made real friendships from this blog community! I miss it!

True, ultimately I write for myself. I started this blog 4.5 years ago that way. But as I got to know others around the web and the triathlon community, it gave me an added incentive to write. I found inspiration and great advice from others.  Sharing my story was a way to be part of that community, to offer my own mistakes and experiences to the mix.

Additionally, my life is rapidly changing before my very own eyes. Hard to believe that indeed, I started this blog nearly half a decade ago, during a very different time in my life. It began as a way to record my adventure into this strange world of triathlon, as a way to log my experiences and remember them as I went forward.

As I ready myself to begin the last year of my 20s, I find myself embarking down a new path to start new journeys. Similar, but different, with different goals. I'm different:

I don't feel the need to prove myself as much as I did 5 years ago.
I've got more confidence than I ever have.
I'm aware of where my athletic talents lie (5 years ago I didn't even think I was capable of running a 10K. In fact, I was contemplating SWIMMING a 10K!).
I have a better sense of direction in my life.
I know what sport is my favorite (cycling).
I am SO much better at listening to my body. I know when it's telling me to rest and I know how to obey it.
I don't freak out about missing workouts.
I know what Gu is.

And so on. Reflection is a lot of fun when you realize you've come a long way.

In fact, perhaps I've neglected writing because I don't identify with this blog the way I used to.

"Sarah's Triathlon Adventure?" I think. "But I haven't done a triathlon in over a year!" The words 'Sarah' and 'triathlon' in the same sentence suddenly seems strange. Past races are foggy memories where only the best parts seem to shine through, the way the photos on your walls all remind you of a happy or joyful memory in your life.

So I guess you could say I'm movin' on. Not to say I wouldn't ever race triathlons anymore. Never say never. But racing my bike this year was absolutely, phenomenally fantastic and I can't wait for more next year. I can honestly say that I wait for winter training to start, either! 

As for the blogging – I DO want to continue to write, even if I don’t have as much time to go out and read others’ adventures. Still, something has to change: it is time for a new blog. It's kind of like a photo album, where I'd label this one "Triathlon Years, 2004-2009". Nothing wrong with this one, simply time to start a new one. One that will include not only bike-related adventures but also many of my culinary adventures. My friend Jo Ann inspired me recently to get back into the kitchen and I've been having a great time with it. I want to have a blog where I can do a better job of recording my recipes and making them easier to archive and find.

Until that time, however, my goal is to write at least once every two weeks. Life is finally beginning to settle back down and my time is becoming a little freer. It's time to pick up the pencil (keyboard) and let the thoughts flow.

Feels good to be back. :)  

Sarah Giro SF 1

   9/7/09: Giro de San Francisco. I placed 12th out of 40. Was definitely hoping for Top 10 but I’ll have to save that for next year!


<---- Me in a 4-woman breakaway with 5 laps to go! (They caught us a lap later)

Photo credits: Veronika Lenzi,



Sarah Grio SF 2


rocketpants said...

Ah yes...things in life do change and move in different directions. We all grow and it is quite the adventure!

AWESOME job on 12th!!! Remember when at the beginning of the season you were just trying to HANG on? and look at you now...all grown up ;-p, vying for top 10!! Look at how FAR you have come this season! Awesome job.

Kelly said...

i think you don't need to worry so much about labeling where you are or where you've been.

also, nice job at the giro!

Holly said...

I just started a new blog too, and I'm going to incorporate some food stuff and other aspects of my life, not just "Holly on the Run". So I feel ya!

jameson said...

we are still on the same page... i have fallen in love with racing my bike and really can't even think about doing another triathlon right now... it's weird... i don't miss it all. i just wanna ride!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

We just love to have your words to read...bring it on!

Rainmaker said...

Good to see you're still kicking. :)

It's pretty cool that you've really gotten into the cycling world, it'll be interesting to follow how that progresses over the next few years.

Enjoy it!

PunkRockRunner said...

Hi Sarah,

It sounds like this blog (in it's current form) has run it course and I couldn't be happier for you.

Your posts help to make me a better athlete and it was becuase of your blog that I started my blog in the first place. And, because of this, I have connected with so many amazing people in the swim/bike/run world.

So, if it's okay with you, I will carry the Triathlon torch (for now) and I will continue to look to you for cycling and cooking tips :-)

Oh, and keep the meals healthy, I'm in training - lol.

All the best!


Shan said...

I totally understand - so many life changes!! While hard, change is good to keep things fresh and exciting.

I totally understand what you mean about the "triathlon days". Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever do one again - not that it isn't fun, or the training isn't great, but the "umph" I felt for it in the past isn't there right now.

You just do what makes you HAPPY and SMILE, and then you know you've done the right thing.

Keep rockin' it sistah!! Hey, does Early Bird ever take new cyclists? :-D

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you blogged again! I miss your cheery disposition! :))

tony said...