Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Races

Kelly asked if I was going to be racing soon and I thought it might be good to put a final schedule up.

-Timpani Crit (8/2/09) - yes!
-Patterson Road Race (8/9/09) - likely
-Suisun Criterium (8/16/09) - yes NO (found out it's only Cat 1/2/3, BOO!)
-Winters Road Race (8/29/09) - yes
-Vacaville Grand Prix (8/30/09) – maybe
-Giro de SF (9/7/09) - yes
-Folsom Omnium (9/12-13/09) - yes

I am SO ready to get out there next month and just race, race race! Ego has gone out the door. For the rest of this season it’s all about having fun and learning absolutely as much as I can for next year.

2009 began with me feeling like I just needed a ‘little’ break from things, but was so sure I would be able to get back into the swing of things in March. March rolled around and I thought was ready to jump back into triathlon training mode. Yet the motivation was still lacking.

Then Laurel came along and saved the day by recruiting me to the Early Bird Women’s Cycling Team.

While the prospect of racing was thrilling and exciting, I took a laid-back and cautious approach to all of this, which was not very typical for me. Often times my modus operandi is to simply jump right into things without much forethought. If it’s fun, why not do it?

However, as my posts over the past few months have indicated, I’ve been much more observant and introspective, and kept somewhat of a safe distance from becoming fully immersed with bike racing. I’ve thrown any and all expectations out the door and merely gone into every race willing to have an open mind, being ready to learn, ready to have fun and not wanting to crash. Four basic goals.

So in fact, 2009 has been more of a ‘break’ year. Letting go of what I thought I ‘should’ be doing (triathlon, training 2x/day, etc.) and slowly adjusting and contemplating what other directions I would like to go.

In taking this approach, I feel like I’ve come to fully embrace what it is I truly want without constantly questioning my decision. What I truly want is to go into this winter with goals in mind for next year. I want a winter training plan. When 2010 begins I want to know what races I intend to do (at least in the first 4 months of the year) and I want to have a plan to stick with. I FINALLY feel like I’m truly okay committing to a set plan and willing to put in the time.

The weight isn’t on my shoulders anymore and instead there is a lightness that comes with the confidence of knowing this is good for me and that I’ve taken the time I needed to consider it all. That I’ve taken the physical and mental rest I so badly needed after four long and hard years. It feels incredible.

(Oh, I also really want/need a new bike. Working on that one. If you know anybody with extra $ to share with me, let me know. ;) )


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I love this post - I really do! I am so impressed by how you've figured yourself out and are WILLING to follow your heart (and accept the path you've chosen). I see so many people burn out or be completely unhappy with their choices - when I wonder if they're really doing what they want to in the first place. Bravo Sarah! Bravo! Looks like a great year for you - keep it up - awesome!

Kelly said...

hey, i'll probably be at patterson -- hanging out in the feed zone liek a groupie -- so i'll cheer when you go flying by!

Maggs said...

Good luck at all those races. You'd live it here. There's a stage race every other weekend here. Time trial, crit, and road race. Seems like there are more and more women racing. I go watch, that's all.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

What a great race schedule!! Love how happy you sound.

PunkRockRunner said...

Two post updates in one week? I think I need to sit down ;)

I truly believe that your mindset for these upcoming events is PERFECT! Get out there, enjoy the day, learn from each race and make it home without landing on any asphalt.

Not "forcing" a triathlon at this point is the right decision. You're passion is for cycling (right now) and you need to follow your heart and enjoy what you're doing. I know that once you put together your training plan for the winter you will stick to it and have an amazing race season in 2010.

We'll try to get out to one of these races to cheer you and your team on. In the meantime, enjoy the living crap out of those beautiful country roads of Sonoma.

All the best,


D said...

What Marit said. Now where's my fb thank you? :D

rocketpants said...

Following your heart takes courage and it is great that you are really following it to do what you want. You sound like you are loving all the bike racing and following your passion! Way to do many people fear trying new things. You've learned lots and will continue along those lines.

Wonder said...

Sarah, You are solid. What an amazing asset you are to our team. Your energy, your strength, your charisma, all admirable, and welcome. Wow. We are blessed, and so is cycling. Lookout...all you podium chasers...

Rainmaker said...

I love the fact that you're not afraid to simply change it up - or to change your year as you go along.

Also, the fact that you're racing like a mad dog in August is awesome!

Go kick ass!

Gould said...

It's so weird that I was going through old blogs that I haven't read in awhile and I stumbled on this post. I have been experiencing a similar year as you only instead of bike racing, I graduated, took a vacation, dealt with family stuff. . . .it's amazing when you can take a step back and really get perspective on what YOU want and what YOU need. I am starting to work on plan myself for 2010. Not that 2009 isn't over. . . but I just want the rest of the year to be fun. :-) Great read for me!