Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stil working on that race report

So Monday morning I taught spinning. I was really, REALLY tired. Like, all day.

I got home at 5:45 p.m. and ate a small snack of some cottage cheese and pita bread. Then I was like "well, I'll take a nap before Anna's 7 p.m. yoga class."

I laid down at 6 p.m....and woke up at 7 A.M.!!!!!!!!!!

How's that for rest?

Anyway, then last night I went to yoga, and afterward made this Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry from 101
No, this was not MY creation, this is a picture of Heidi's creation. I didn't have the energy to take a picture. And mine didn't look as pretty anyway. I didn't have kale, but I DID have eggplant (lots of it), so I cut up the eggplant, put it in the microwave for 1:30, and then added it into the stir-fry before the zucchini for about 2 minutes. Then I added some soba noodles to the mix since it was my main course. Yum! I had it with a glass of the 2006 Trentadue Sauvignon Blanc and it made for a nice meal. (I went to Trentadue on Saturday when I got back from SF because they were having this HUGE Harvest Sale - basically when you bought a case of wine - mix 'n match - they'd give you 50% off. WHOA. Needless to say, I had some fun and came home with more wine and less money...)

I would DEFINITELY make it again. I might even add some garlic to it.

Anyway, by the time I was done with that and all cleaned up, I was ready for bed. In yoga we did one of my favorite poses, the Bird of Paradise.

I can't quite get my leg up that far, but it is by FAR one of the best hip openers for me and I always feel soooooooo much better after! However, between that and the arm balances and the handstands (or my halfway attempts to getting to feel comfortable with handstands...), I was TIRED!

So now it's Wednesday and I still haven't written my race report. I'll be sure to get on that ASAP.


Kelly said...

you can do that pose? thats nuts

beth said...

that pose is gnarly
that stirfry looks delicious
but i am salivating more at the 13 hours of sleep you got
i am so tired i can't use periods or capitals

peace out

Rainmaker said...

1) That's hilarious about waking up 13 hours later. But awesome! I love when that happens on a week day (fairly rarely of course, but it rocks when it does). On a weekend it kinda sucks though.

2) I saw the Chickpea one as well, was tempted - but then got lazy and made pasta :(

3) That pose would be for me an invitation to accidentally castrate myself somehow. I'd fall, get tangled up even worse in the recovery attempt and somehow hurt myself and all others around me.

Soda said...

I don't think I have ever taken a nap and woken up 13 hours later nor do I think my arms are long enough for this pose, but I would like to try that salad.

Kathleen said...

I am so making that dish! Yummy.

Ok, geek fact alert...I read that when we sleep our bodies actually repair sleep is GOOD!

And you clearly had a bunch of internal repairs to attend to :-)

Courtenay said...

now THAT'S the kind of sleep i am talking about!! good job!!!

rocketpants said...

13 hours later to wake up when only intending to take a short nap. You must have been VERY tired!

Bird of paradise pose, those types of poses make me laugh because I am so far from binding my arms, and even getting near them that it just gets silly. And well...i get silly, but laughing in yoga is looked down on and then I sit there stifling the laugh and you can imagine, it then becomes way funnier than yoga is 'supposed' to be.