Friday, August 22, 2008

Shortest Post Ever (for me)

My bike at the Tour d'Organics :)

It has been a really awesomely crazy week. Too crazy that I haven't had time to blog. But crazy in a good way because I'm having fun!

So, real quick:

Last weekend: I did the Winters Road Race. I flatted 25 minutes in. I was in too big a hurry to change my tube so I pinched my spare tube. I went through three CO2 cartridges because I thought I just sucked at using CO2 and then I realized it wasn't me, it was the tube. Sigh.

So I got to tour the course in the van. And I thought well, my two goals were: 1) Get a good workout and 2) Not crash. If I had to pick which goal I didn't get to succeed at, I'd rather pick #1 than #2. So it was all good. I loved the bike racing scene. Sooooo laid back and chill! I loved it!

That's that for now. Maybe more later.

Then on Sunday, since I didn't get the workout I wanted on Saturday, I opted for the 100 miles in the Tour D'Organics instead of the 65. I started out with my awesome friend Megan and her cool co-worker Julian. Megan, you kicked butt! Megan had two flats on the way out the lunch stop - it just wasn't a good weekend for flats. :(

It was more of a workout than I thought it would be. But it was fun. Though I don't know I'll do it again. It seemed kind of dumb to pay to do a century in my own backyard (seriously...I could've ridden it any day). But on the other hand, I ran into friends I might not normally have run into (just like at the Marin Century!) - friends from Berkeley and locally in Santa Rosa. And I made new friends again! Hooray!

It was like 7300 feet of climbing and by the end I was definitely feeling it. Sooooo gorgeous though. Really an awesome ride. That's all I have to say about that.

Also, I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Christine for her tomatoes from her family's garden, to Carmen for all the fruit and veggies from HER garden, to a friend at the pool who brought lots of pears from her tree, and to my mom for bringing me eggplant from her neighbor's garden!!

I now have a bounty of fresh home-grown veggies for another week or two, not to mention my weekly box of CSA veggies. :) THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!

And now...I'm off to go pack for the Santa Barbara Triathlon this weekend. :)

Race report to come on Monday. I promise.



Rainmaker said...

I love that bike grape photo - awesome!

I like races where goals are not to crash. Simplicity is key in life. ;)

And laid back races rock.

The veggies and fruit look great, I wish I had options like that. :( I'm going to come out and borrow some of your veggies. That's my plan!

Kelly said...

good luck!

paul said...

good luck at SB!! I'll prolly do that one next year.

beth said...

good luck in santa barbara! i have a bunch of friends going up there...will be cheering for you from the south!!!

by the way..i love how you do centuries w/ tons of climbing like its no big deal. i have never even ridden my bike more than 80 miles. and you do these things like every weekend! so impressive!!!


Mel said...

Good luck at your race....and SO nice that everyone is giving you Veggies..they must of felt sorry for your garden..Ha:) Have a great weekend Sarah!!!

Eileen Swanson said...

Hey Sarah,

How did it go in SB?


triguyjt said...

good luck veggie lady..have a great week.....

Trail gal said...

I was confused when I said I would see you at the ride...I was at the Tour of Napa Valley, not the organics one! same day, same area, different ride. I had a blast.

Megan D said...

It was so fun biking with you for that Century though. I agree about next time but for a good cause AND I definitely wouldn't have ridden 100 miles otherwise :)