Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hooray for change!

I am not an individual who likes things static. I crave change. In spite of the fact that I enjoy schedules, regimens and being very organized, I still love to change those routines around and try on new routines.

I believe that is why, by the time Vineman rolled around, I was so done with what I was doing. Done having my workouts be the same time every day. I know that it usually has to be that way when you're training for something, but I had been doing THAT for the last 6 months and I was just so over the sameness.

I have to say that I had the realization during Vineman that I am not somebody who likes doing the same race over and over and over. Third time was indeed a charm and I will not be doing that race for awhile. What fun is there in knowing every turn, every bump in the road, every piece of scenery you'll be passing? For me, none. I can't comprehend the people who claim their fame in racing Wildflower every year since it began. To each their own.

Seeking out new adventures is what really gets me excited and motivated.

So here I am, in my 3rd week post Vineman, and HAVING A BALL! I am so completely thrilled about the fall that I can hardly contain my excitement.

New Thing #1: I SIGNED UP FOR CROSS COUNTRY! Yes indeed, Sarah Trejo joined a running club. I love to savor the thought that if you would've said 10 years ago to a young Ms. Trejo at the age of 17, "at 27 you will join a running club" she would've laughed in your face and been like "yeah right. And I'm sure I'll be doing triathlon, too. Pssshhh."

Actually, in 10th grade, I thought I would try out cross country. So I went out and ran after school and I was sore for 3 days and during the whole run I hated life and each step I took was murderous. I tried it again the next day. It wasn't any better. That's when I joined the volleyball team (and in the spring I found my REAL high school sport, badminton. DO NOT CLOWN IT! YOU WATCH THOSE BADMINTON OLYMPIANS AND BE AFRAID OF THAT BIRDIE!).

So I'm excited. I have to miss the first two meets for my last two tris of the year but that's okay. Maybe I will finally fall in love with running. If I don't, at least I know I tried!

New thing #2: I'm doing a bike race next weekend! Wooo!!! My first one ever. In Winters. I'm doing it with Courtenay and Kelly and Christine. I think it's going to be a rockin' good time, regardless of how I do. I hope I don't crash, that's really all I care about.

New thing #3: I just got hired to teach spinning on Friday mornings at the Airport Club! I won't be leaving the YMCA, just adding on to my teaching. The Airport Club has some pretty sweet digs. I 'auditioned' yesterday for the noon time spinning class and realized that I really do love teaching spinning, SO much. This will be exc
iting because their bikes have cadence monitors (the YMCA does not) which will really add some value to the class. It also means I can't totally just work off Monday's Y class since I will be using cadence a little bit more than I currently do (sans monitors), so I'll have to modify my workout a tad. I'm SO excited!

Yep, been a busy time over here in Sarah's Tri Land. I'm so behind on blog reading and general reading but oh well.

I'm currently trying to stay on top of last week's New Yorker and I just started Ruth Reichl's Garlic & Sapphires. I love her. For anybody
who loves food, she is a definite read.

I also am so loving Tawny's blog. Oh my god she is so funny and she almost makes you want to be an open water swimmer because she has SO MUCH FUN WITH IT. She's getting close to her big day!

So that's all I got for this week. Have a FANTASTIC weekend everybody!

My two Fun Fabulous Friday extras inc
lude today's Pearls Before Swine comic b/c I think it's funny (for once...) and a link that Tawny sent me which is just awesome. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah! Found your blog thru Bree's - great blog! I had fun reading it! :) Jen Harrison
PS Have fun w/ the XC!

Rainmaker said...

Ha, hilarious about High School XC. I was the same way. I did XC my freshman year of HS and then decied 'that was the worst idea I could possibly come up with', and then promptly didn't run for another 8-10 or so years. :)

It will be interesting to see how ya like it. Plus, it might be better for the environment. Interesting article with you in it about that...

rocketpants said...

Change is great! Glad you are enjoying new things.

beth said...

we are so similar in many ways!! i too, am starting XC. i also can't fathom doing races groudhog-day style (heck, i probably won't even be doing triathlon in 2 yrs!)...

and i am SOOO jealous you are a spin instructor. i LOVE spin class- i wish you were my teacher!!!