Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News Update #1: I GOT A NEW BIKE.

I have so much to say I don't know where to begin, so I'll take it one news update at a time.

Let's review the facts: I was ready for a new bike after Vineman. As one can see from the pictures, it's not a horrible bike. Good carbon frame, great wheels. Just...too big for me and not a time trial setup. The combination of those two things made for what I now believe was a loss of energy/power transfer in a major way.

As I mentioned in my race report, I realized that with all the time, money and effort I put into triathlon, there's no reason I shouldn't have a bike that a) fits me right and b) is made to bring out my full potential. Cycling is, after all, my best event. I should have a great bike.

So, I talked with a few people, namely John M. He suggested the Cervélo P2 Carbon. It's nearly as good as the P3 Carbon but for less $$. I did a little research and decided it really looked like a fantastic bike. I e-mailed Robbie at Lombardi Sports. He had a P2C in a 54. That was good news. Taking a deep breath, I wrote the words "Let's do it." and clicked "Send."

Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Robbie saying the new sled was going to be ready for pick-up the following week. We arranged for Monday. I went into the store excited and giddy. I couldn't wait to see it.

Sitting on some chairs in the bike department, I heard Mike K.'s voice from around the corner. "Hey Sarah T." "HEY, MIKE K.! MY OLD FRIEND! LONG TIME NO SEE!" I cheerfully yelled back. I turned my head to greet him and there it was: a beautiful blue-and-white Cervélo P2 Carbon Time Trial bike, all set to go. Except this one had bows on it, like a present!

"Why the ribbons?" I inquired.

"Robbie, do you want to tell her?" Mike K. said.

Robbie responded: "Well Sarah, we had agreed on a set of components based on your budget; but John M. decided to take things a step further and rounded up some folks from Lombardi and from your bike group to chip in so that we could upgrade your components. It was really a way of saying 'Thank You' for everything you do for this team."

My jaw dropped. I was speechless. Humbled. I could feel that lump in my throat. I don't cry! My eyes began to get a little wet. Mike K. cracked a joke that suspended any more forthcoming tears. I smiled. I managed to eke out a "Wow." I smiled more. "I mean...wow. I just...REALLY? YOU GUYS DID THAT? HE DID THAT?" I was afraid I might choke up again but Mike K. was there again with another snappy joke.

He began taking pictures of me with my new bike. What an awesome surprise to an already great day!

Once the initial shock was over, we began to play with the positioning of the aerobars.

Finally, I had to get back to work but Mike was going to bring it over to M2 where he has his Human Performance Lab so that we could put it on a trainer and mess with the positioning more.

Later that week I indeed went over and got a better feel for the new toy...errr...bike. It was fantastic! We switched out the cassette in the back for a more hill-friendly setup and changed the tires. I was ready to bring it out to play on Sunday (8/19)- The Tour of Napa Valley!

News Update #3 (#2 is the Angel Island 12K Race Report from 8/18) will be the Tour of Napa Valley report where I talk about falling in love with cycling all over again. Stay tuned...


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Beautiful model. Oh, and nice bike!

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