Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In the thick of it

Have I mentioned I'm going nuts training? I have mental arguments with myself these days:


Tired Sarah: "Ohhhhhhhh, but I ALREADY lifted and ran this morning! I don't WANNA swim tonight!"
Athlete Sarah: "You're swimming. Shut up."
Tired Sarah: "awwww, come ON!!!! Muscles HURT! Body TIRED! So sleepy!"
Athlete Sarah: "Not gonna work. You're swimming."
Tired Sarah: "Do I really have to? I really don't want to!!!"
Athlete Sarah: "Too bad. Going swimming."
Tired Sarah: "Fine, I'm too tired to argue with myself. Going swimming. *sigh*"

See? I'm going nuts. It was that way after my bike ride on Sunday regarding doing a brick and going running. Didn't wanna run. Sooooooooooo did NOT want to run. But...I did. To make matters worse, I TRICKED myself!

I said to myself "just get out there. Get those legs moving after that ride. 10 minutes is all you have to do. That's IT!!" Tired Sarah: "wellllllll, okay...if 10 minutes is all...I can handle that."

I get out there, start running down Euclid, and 6 minutes into it say "awww, screw it. Just go down to the end of Euclid at Hearst." So I ran 19 minutes total, nearly killing myself going back up that gigantic hill. Tired me was *not* happy about being tricked.

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