Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back to the grind

I'm back at it, albeit slowly. Working on a long race report.

Just thought I'd log in what I've done so far and the rest of the week plan:

Mon/Tues: Felt like a train wreck (mostly just on Monday), but did a LOT of stretching on both days. Drank 3 beers on Tuesday evening w/my tri team buddies and it was LOVELY!
Wed: Swam at 6 p.m., ~2500 yds
Thurs: Ran 5.203 miles in 46.09 min, gmap pedometer here:; stretched afterward
Friday: Ride bike in the a.m., do a quick 10-15 minute run right afterward; swim at 6 p.m.
Saturday: Ride or swim...not sure
Sunday (Mother's Day - I LOVE YOU, MOM!): Bike ride w/the guys!

Next week I'll be ramping it up to build for Alcatraz. Probably do some stadiums, back to lifting, lots of doubles and bricks, track running as well.

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