Friday, April 04, 2008

April Fool's

So I'm super busy and while I have tons of things I want to say that might actually be worthy of a post, I don't have time right now.

HOWEVER, my friend Kristina who is part of the San Francisco Tri Club just sent me her April Fool's joke from Tuesday and I thought it would be worth sharing. Apparently she actually managed to fool quite a few people!!

She sent the following announcement out to the team:
Subject: Wildflower Camping: Tents must be off ground

Everyone heading down for Wildflower Race Weekend -
A friend of mine on another club just told me that there will be a new camping regulation at Wildflower this year. The word is that the park staff has complained that each year it takes months for the campsites to recover from all the damage done to the grass and ground cover by all the vehicle and foot traffic and tents. They've estimated that the extra maintenance they have to do each year after Wildflower costs them in excess of $10,000! Apparently, the park has asked Tri California to either cover this cost or change the camping regulations for all the athletes. In response to this request, Tri California has opted to change the camping regulations. They are only allowing campground access to 20 vehicles per club/team and they are requiring that all tents be kept off the ground. They've suggested that campers either sleep in or on the cars that are allowed access into the camp grounds, or pitch their tents on top of tables. As you know there are usually only a handful of picnic tables in our collective camping area, so given this regulation, most people are going to need to bring their own tables. On their web-site (see below), Tri California has offered suggestions of using massage tables, foosball tables, portable billiards tables, and banquet tables. They are even working with a catering company out of nearby King City to get teams discounts on banquet tables. If athletes are not able to secure a table large enough to support their tent and their vehicle is not one of the ones granted access to the camp grounds then, their next suggestion is that you make due with your sleeping bag and a camping chair. They also put forth that good friends and couples could sleep on top of each other. However, they don't want to endorse anything that may cause injury to athletes, so they do recommend that people limit themselves to triple decker sleeping arrangements.
Now, I know many of you are thinking this sounds ludicrous, and I had started writing an e-mail to our board, suggesting that our club boycott the race this year......but then I remembered our relationship with the Parks Conservancy, and truly feel that our club needs to support the park maintenance staff in this issue. That said, I think we should all round up all the tables we can get our hands on and all the carts and radio flyer wagons we have to cart our gear into the campgrounds and head down to Lake San Antonio and all do our best to have a rockin' time! But don't forget to bring extra ibuprofen!


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