Monday, February 25, 2008

UC Davis Sprint Triathlon, 2/24/08 - SKIP!!!!!!

So as of last weekend (2/16), I was entered and paid ($55) up for the UC Davis Sprint Triathlon.

As of last Saturday (2/23), I made the executive decision to see the $55 as a sunk cost (ugh) and forgo the race.

For any non-California residents or non-Bay Area folk reading, we had a huge HUGE storm pass through this weekend. Not just bad rain, but very high winds as well. We aren't talking about a little wimpy storm; this was the kind you just don't want to be stuck in.

While I do consider myself somewhat of a fair-weathered athlete (and I do openly admit it), I was willing to endure the harsh conditions and get my $55 worth. However, I had two major reasons for deciding not to do this race:

1) Oceanside 70.3
2) Oceanside 70.3

Doing the race posed two major risks/threats to having a great half-Ironman race in 5 weeks:
  1. In all the wind and rain, I might crash my bike and either mess up my bike or get injured myself. That would NOT be cool.
  2. Given the cold, wet and windy conditions and enduring for 1:30 or so, I would really put myself at risk for getting sick.

If either of those things happened 5 weeks out from this huge race, I would never have forgiven myself. I wasn't willing to risk it for a sprint triathlon.

So, I wimped out and did my long 1:45 run instead. On the treadmill. It was great and I sent my friend David good thoughts.

David sent us his recap of race day. Here's what I missed out on:
it went pretty well given the conditions. It was cold, wet and
windy. A lot of people backed out that morning.

into the wind we were only holding 11-14 mph. felt like climbing a
hill and the rain felt like getting hit with bbs.

I met my goal: stayed on the bike and out of the emergency room!
Wow. Hit with bbs...Mmm...that sounds just great. More details followed:
they picked up a few people in the ambulance yesterday... one had
hypothermia, fell off his bike and just started shaking... one did
not make it from the pool to the bike transition..

Lots of people fell on the bike. One guy was pushing so hard into
the wind that he snapped his crank. he showed up back at the
transition with the crank in his hand after walking 4 miles back in
the rain in bike shoes... ug.

to give you some idea... I was going into the wind pushing hard and
hitting 11mph. On the return, I was hitting 31-32mph practically
coasting... nuts.
So, kids, what's the lesson of the day? ...Follow your gut.

p.s. My long run was awesome. Average HR of 156 and I had an 8:17 pace for hour 1 and an 8:06 pace for the last 45 minutes. Yes!

p.p.s I think some of the gym people thought I was nuts for being on the treadmill as long as I was. I watched the trees outside blowing fiercely and was happy to be right where I was.

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