Monday, July 16, 2007

WTF is up with THAT?

So I finally decided to cross off "Sign up for races" from my To-Do list.

These include:
  • Santa Barbara Triathlon (8/25)
  • Donner Lake Swim (8/11)
  • Angel Island 12K (8/18)
  • Napa Valley Century (8/19)
  • Big Kahuna Triathlon (9/9)

I'll sign up for Foxy's Fall Century later. That's not until October. Sadly, the Treasure Island->Embarcadero Y swim falls on the weekend I'll be in Chicago. :( I LOVED doing that swim last year! The bonus is that it benefits the Embarcadero Y, which I now love even more that I am a spin instructor there.

Anyway - Santa Barbara website says Long Course is open. Been meaning to sign up for the last month, but just kept forgetting. I go to and THERE it says it's FULL. WTF?!?! Full?

Already? We're still nearly 6 weeks out!

Maybe it's a sign I shouldn't do it given my other ambitions during that time - the 12K run and the Big Kahuna (oh and the Donner Swim...). *sigh* I LOVE that race, though. LOVE IT.

In any case, I've e-mailed the registration director about this inconsistency and in the meantime, mailed my registration in with fingers crossed. Fate is tossed to the wind...


Half.full said...
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Carla said...

Hi Sarah,
Just wanted to wish you lots of luck and a great race at Vineman! We'll be up in Tahoe but we'll be thinking about you!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the love!! I appreciate the support big time. :)

Have fun in Tahoe at the Trans Tahoe Relay! I can't wait to see the return of Team Tequila Goggles next summer.


Kaisen L said...

5 races in a month?! That's crazy! Well at least for me. BTW, have you heard of this guy who did like 50 marathons in 50 days? He supposedly lives in SF.

Sarah said...

Kaisen -

Yes, his name is Dean Karnazes. He's insane but amazing. You should look him up and read about him. He ran for a good cause, too. :)