Friday, July 28, 2006

Donner and Pre-Vineman

It's been far too long, but quite a busy month.

I wanted to update and say that Donner went pretty well. I improved my time by 14 minutes from last year and still placed 12th in my age group. The real bummer came from the fact that with 0.4 miles left in the run, THREE women from my age group passed me! I tried to kick it up and catch them, but I was shot and there was no way I was going to sprint for nearly a half mile. Sounds silly to say, but at 6,000 feet and almost three hours after I had begun - sprinting seemed like an impossible feat.

I'll write more about this race later, because I definitely have a half race report going, but I don't have time to finish right now.

Also, I've got my Half-Vineman this weekend. I'm now 10% anxious and 90% excited (up through yesterday it was 20% anxious/80% excited). I've done quite a bit of visualization and feel really ready to go out there, kick some butt and HAVE FUN!

Write more later...

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